The best support bras for full-figured 2020

Naturally, your bras should support your pair of jubblies….

Now, bra size really matters and if you’re well endowed, only the best bra for heavy breasts will work- there are no two ways about it.

Interestingly, the average bust size has expanded in recent years prompting the entry of more manufacturers in the best bra for heavy breasts space.

That means you have more choice today than ever before.

Read on to find out how to choose bra size for your big charlies plus helpful buying tips.

I will also introduce you to a number of the best bras for heavy breasts.

Types of Bras a Plus Size Lady Should Consider

Bras are somewhat like running shoes in that there are numerous styles and varieties, each designed to suit specific women fashion and functional needs.

We shall hence first discuss in summary the various types of bras for big breasts and their ideal use.

Nursing bras for big breasts

Nursing saddles for big breasts are built for well-endowed moms and expand and/or shrinks to accommodate your bust size fluctuations during the nursing months.

The best nursing bras have clips or panels to allow you easier access to the breasts without removing the bra when breastfeeding.

Some come with special inserts to provide additional support to your enlarged boobs.

Strapless bras for big breasts

Strapless saddles for big busts are wide and are designed to be worn minus shoulder straps.

Strapless bras construction includes features such as silicone to block slippage and rubber lining to help provide support.

Most have the traditional straps included in the package just in case you may want to wear it as a traditional bra.

This category of bras is awesome in summertime and can be a stylish wear to your special occasions.

Sports bras for heavy busts

These bras are tailored to handle the bounce issue in bustier women when participating in yoga, running, or sweating it out in the gym.

Certain models have convertible straps and hook and eye closures to create a more customized fit.

They are your best bet if you don’t want to sacrifice your daily fitness sessions because of a bigger bust.

Underwire bras for heavy breasts

An underwire bra is a lingerie that utilizes a thin semi-rounded strip of rigid wires or such material fitted either inside or outside the brassiere’s fabric.

Metal, resin, and plastic are all used in the wire foundation.

The greatest advantage of underwire bras is the lift and extra support to your breasts.

There’s no specific limit and the underwire can be found in nursing bras, sports bras, demi bras, and more.

Wireless bras for bustier women

As the name suggests, wireless bras are the direct contrast of wired bras and lacks the underwire.

The best wireless bras for heavier breasts have ample built-in support inside the bands while the latest styles have an inner sling and lining for additional support.

They’re among the least restrictive because of the flexible technologically advanced styling.

Lace wireless bra versions are notably among the sexiest.

Full coverage bras for heavy breasts

Full coverage bras have a higher neckline to help cover all your breast tissue.

Rather controversially, some women consider them dull since they don’t showcase or accentuate the cleavage.

That notwithstanding, most of the leading brands of full coverage bras including Playtex and Wacoal have released larger cup sized versions.

Minimizer bras for Large Breasts

As I hinted earlier, minimizer bras make your big girls appear smaller by diminishing the breast projection by as much as 2+ inches.

They either lift or redistribute your breast tissue from the protrusion to make you slimmer or simply compress your globes to taper the projection.

They are a fantastic choice on occasions you wish to have a more pleasing silhouette under your clothes.

Why Buy the Best Bra for Heavy Breasts

You have plenty of reasons why you want the best bra for your girls..

  • Comfort: Bra comfort gives you the freedom to express yourself fully as a woman. For the most part, a correctly fitting bra will be comfortable- No chafing, poking, rubbing, etc.
  • Banish myriad issues: The best bra for heavy breasts eliminates some of the issues caused by big melons including quad boobs, breast sagging, roll boobs, and more.
  • Hides your ‘weakness’: There’s no denying that huge breasts sometimes attract disconcerting stares out there. A fitting bra or even a minimizer hides this ‘weakness’ and is a smart way to escape prying eyes.
  • It’s healthy: They reduce pressure on your neck and shoulder (lowering back pain), allow you to breathe freely, and their luxuriously plush material won’t irritate your skin. A good bra also permits excellent circulation. 

How to choose the best bra for heavy breasts

Everyone has an opinion- lingerie retailers, fashionistas, your buddies, and certainly everyone else you ask but exactly how do you select the best bras for ddd and such big cup sizes?


Find the Right Fit

Bras come in various cup sizes and all manufacturers insist that you should pick only the right size for full support.

I don’t need to remind you how messy an ill-fitting bra can be so let’s concentrate on how to get your perfect cup size..

How to measure your bra size – Bra size calculator

The easiest way is to start by capturing your band size.

To do this, wrap a measuring tape around your chest directly below your bust exactly where your bra band normally sits.

You’ll be preferably braless as you take this measurement and your tape should be snug and level.

Read the number and round to the nearest whole number if necessary. That’s your band size (let’s call it X)…….

Next, you’ll measure your bust as follows…

Wrap the tape once again snugly around the fullest section of your chest. The tape should still be level.

Now take a few deep breathes to let the tape relax at the comfiest position then read the value.

Again round the reading to a whole number. To make things easier, we shall call it our bust size Y.

The final step is computing your cup size and it’s the trickiest..

Anyway, you will subtract your previously found band size from the bust measurement..

In summary, your cup size= Y-X.

The good news is that many manufacturers have guiding bra sizing charts and interpretation instructions to help you get it right.

Some even go as far as enumerating how to measure bra size for sagging breasts for their most popular bras.

Good news is that there are a number of online bra size calculators that you can you use to get your bra size. All you need is you band size and bust size and you’re good to go…

Examples of good bra size calculators can be found here, here, here and here.

Get a Bra that’s Designed for your Body Type and Desires

Our chests aren’t the same and as such, you’ll need a bra that matches your shape.

For example, if you’re a top-heavy apple-shaped, you will tend to be more at home in fuller coverage bras.

Are you sharp-pointed? Sagging? .or what shape are you?

Well, there’s a bra built for whatever shape..

Also, you might want the best bra for lift and side support if you hate to sacrifice support and love an instant lift.

Seam vs seamless bra? What you need to know

For starters, seamed bras have seams running through their cups.

On the whole, seamed bras including seamed curvy couture bras offer better support since the seams promote better shape definition and a none-sagging fit.

Their biggest annoyance is that the stitching often shows through clothing which is what has made seamless bras (no seams) immensely popular.

Indeed, looks can mean a lot and if you love a smooth, sleek look, you should go seamless.

Either way, find a bra with the right amount of comfort for your bubbies.

Get a bra that suits the purpose

If you’re a nursing mum, you want the easiest to use bra for heavy breasts.

If it’s a bra for older woman, get one that is easier to wear and remove.

Likewise, if you’re a passionate sportswoman, you want nothing less than the best sports bra for heavy breasts because it guarantees the essential support during workouts.

There are even big cup bras designed for women who wear form-fitted clothing in the office.


Then there are the standard questions…

  • Will it show through your tight clothes?
  • Does the bra stay in place?
  • Does it adjust easily (Bras eventually stretch).
  • Does the bra fabric breathe?

And so forth.

Best Bra for Heavy Breasts Reviews 2020

I had promised to introduce you to the bras for heavy breasts so here we go..

Playtex Womens 18Hour Active Lifestyle Full-Coverage Bra

An extremely comfortable full-coverage bra with wide padded straps, a four hook closure, and large, rounded cups, the Playtex womens 18-hour big chest sports bra does the job nicely.

Best Bra for Heavy Breasts - Best Bra to Prevent Sagging for 2020

The straps adjust superbly and won’t pinch, bind, or even ride up while the 4-way support system will provide abundant support to allow you run on treadmill, jog, jump, etc.

The soft-touch wire underband is especially very supportive and accurate and has greatly contributed to making this bra a favorite among active women.

The material doesn’t feel as hard as those on some of its competitors and breathes well- you don’t want a sweaty bra when working out.

And the bra comes at a great price too.


  • Material: Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex
  • Hook & Eye closure
  • Hand Wash
  • 1″ high & 8″ wide
  • Seamless wire-free cups.
  • Wide cushioned straps
  • Hook-and-eye back closure


  • Excellent support- no sagging.
  • It’s a very well-made wireless bra.
  • Wicks moisture nicely.
  • Tender on your skin.


  • The material feels somewhat heavy.

Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra

This underwire sporting bra features a functional hook/eye closure, an inner sling for additional support (for large cups), and a floating underwire frame to minimize breast movement.

The best bra for heavy breasts also features extra-wide adjustable shoulder straps and in keeping with today’s market trend, has a mesh back to help keep your skin cool.

It’s a full coverage bra so the comfortable 2 ply fabric in the cups rises pretty high but largely remains discrete under your workout gear.

Surprisingly, despite the absence of lining in the cups or molding, it’s very supportive even for larger busts as long as you pick an accurate size.

Wacoal decision to place the underwire on the outside in this sports bra means no chafing, rubbing, or poking.

It’s definitely among the very best support bra for full figured women.

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  • Material: Nylon,Spandex
  • Hook & Eye closure (4 hooks)
  • 0.7″ high & 14″ wide
  • Two-ply fabric cups
  • Floating underwire


  • Again quite comfy.
  • Minimizes breast motion perfectly.
  • You enjoy all-round support.
  • No ugly uni-boob


  • A bit pricey.

iLoveSIA 3-PACK Womens’ Full-Bust wireless Nursing Bra (Seamless Maternity Bra)

An affordable nursing bra for women with large boobs, the iLoveSIA seamless bra has removable pads in the molded cups and easy to lower/rise nursing clips.

It’s further enhanced with a synthetic fabric that feels super soft – the last thing you want during your latest pregnancy is another irritant.

Above all, the ribbed gore stretches pleasantly to fit your extra cup size and will shrink accordingly (your breasts should shrink a bit after nursing for four – six months).

Though it’s heavier than pricier nursing bras for heavy breasts, the lower profile is well-engineered to offer good support that’s deepest at the back and tapered in front.

Like the rest in the best bra for heavy breasts category, it comes with easy-adjusting shoulder straps which won’t show through your clothes.


  • Material:  Nylon, Spandex
  • One-handed access nursing clips.
  • Molded foam cups (Removable)
  • Stretching ribbed gore.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Seamless soft fabric.
  • 3PCS Bras in a package.


  • Stretches and contracts according to your bust.
  • When installed, the padding fully hides your nipples.
  • You will love the overflowing support.
  • Amazing pricing.


  • The pad inserts may take some time to get used to.

Vanity Fair Womens Beauty Back Full Figure Strapless Underwire Bra-74380

Saying that this strapless underwire bra comes close to perfection is an understatement.

That’s because the best bra for heavy breasts has all the goodness you want in a strapless bra for big tits, including lightly padded cups, supportive wider centerfront and sides, a cozy feel, and a sexy look.

This is an exceptionally well-designed piece and includes silicone in the underwire, all the sides, and the back to help it hold firm against your skin.

The updated shape yields full coverage whilst the wired construction is custom-engineered for all day comfort.

And in keeping with modern fashion, you can add the included straps to wear traditionally.

That should be good news for big chested women who tend to be torn between strapless and traditional bras.


  • Material: Nylon, Spandex
  • Hook & Eye closure (3 hooks)
  • Detachable straps (Strapless bra)
  • Underwire support
  • double-knit fabric ( lace at the center)


  • Doesn’t move at all.
  • Yet another comfy bra for heavy breasts.
  • Very well constructed.
  • No show bra.


  • Nothing significant

Lilyette Womens Microfiber Minimizer

The Lilyette womens minimizer is a microfiber bra with wide sides, back, and straps and holds your big breasts great while giving them a slimmer appearance.

The two key remarkable developments here are the minimizer’s adoption of Lilyette’s innovative Lily fit and Comfort-U technology…

As a result, the underwire is more open and the straps stay in place.

This produces lavish support and it feels no different from a natural comfort bra.

The extravagantly soft fabric further adds to your comfort.

Elsewhere, the fit holds prominently and your breasts will look firm and pointy. 

Capping what is a wonderful invention is the pretty lace..

It truly gives the lingerie a touch of glamour but on the outward, it looks as if you’re not wearing anything at all. 


  • Material:  Nylon, Elastane, Nylon
  • Hook & Eye closure
  • 0.25″ high & 13″ wide
  • Microfiber-backed lace.
  • Bow applique ( center front)
  • underwire support
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Luxuriously soft.
  • Pretty looking.
  • Extremely wide.
  • Creates handy lift. 


  • Might lose elasticity over time.

Best bra for heavy breasts: Frequently asked questions

Here now are some brief answers to some of the typical questions about the best bra to prevent sagging for plus-sized bust women.

Which type of bra should wear for heavy breast?

The best type of bra for heavy breast should be fitting, comfortable, and with the best amount of support.

It should have broader straps that won’t dig in and to help redistribute the weight evenly.

The bra should have all the basics including bigger cup space, made of breathable fabric (to prevent sweating) and be invisible.

It’s important that you only consider those that satisfy all the essentials.

Is padded bra good for large breast?

Well, it depends on whether it’s enhancing your comfort.

Having said that, padding in bras has various roles.

For example, it’s great for small busted women who want their boobs to appear larger.

A padded bra may also firm the shaping to your breasts.

In addition, padded sports bras are usually tighter and eliminate breast motion while you exercise.

Of course, excessive padding can be a major source of discomfort in some bras for larger breasts.

Fortunately, there are types of bras with removable padding inserts -you just take out the pads if you so wish.


The best bra for heavy breasts is a godsend for your bigger girls.

The market is, however, teeming with choices so you’ll need to allow yourself enough time to land the very best.

You should focus on the best fitting (according to your cup size) and most comfortable option.

Whatever your favorite type, you definitely want a bra that soothes your breasts, is supportive, and that hold the girls in place at all times.

All in all, I have shared everything else regarding bras for heavy breasts in this guide and I believe you’ll be making a smart choice.