Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers 2022

If you’re blessed with weight like me (I am 220+ pounds) and an ardent walker, I recommend that you try out the best walking shoes for overweight walkers…

In fact, that’s the surest way to avoid the myriad problems that result from wearing ordinary walking shoes including pain, overpronation, and potential injuries because of the extra load.

Now, according to researchers at Havard, walking is immensely beneficial to your health and you shouldn’t let poor footwear deny you these benefits.

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Walking ShoesLeather or SuedeSyntheticView
Propét Men's Stability Walker LeatherRubberView
Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe LeatherSyntheticView
ASICS Men's GT 1000 2 Running Shoe SyntheticRubberView
Nike Men's Free 5.0 MeshRubberView

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the best walking shoes for heavy people out there.

Read on.


Best Shoes for Overweight Guys Reviews 2021

As an overweight walker, shoes that accommodate your extra weight are hard to find. Most manufacturers are too focused on slenderizing their designs to take into account people who are carrying extra pounds.

Here now is a deep dive review of the 5 best walking shoes for overweight walkers in the market today.

Vionic Women’s Walker

The Vionic Women’s walker is a superbly made women walking shoe and offers a high level of comfort, whether you’re standing the whole day or walking for miles.

The Active Motion System technology reinforced shoe has a Built-in 0.5″ elevation to enhance smooth foot transition and lift your gait efficiency.

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers Reviewed for 2019

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The shoe’s double cushion padding is quite firm to protect your heel and more squashy to pamper your tender spots.

It additionally immediately molds to your feet’s shape to enable you to walk without feeling any pressure.

The upper cover is made from supple leather or suede that you can easily wipe clean after walking in wet conditions.

The best walking shoes for overweight women have flat bottoms for stability and are one of the few shoes to have earned the APMA’s (American Podiatric Medical Association) acceptance seal.


  • Leather/Suede Uppers.
  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable Runner Outsole.
  • Dual-density EVA technology
  • Built in 0.5″ elevation.
  • Received APMA (America Podiatric Medical Association’s) Seal of Acceptance
  • Based on the Active Motion smart System technology (comfort & gait efficiency).
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed (Removable)


  • Amazingly comfortable.
  • Very supportive shoes.
  • So light you forget you’re wearing shoes.
  • Helps promote proper feet alignment.


  • May feel a bit narrow if you have wider feet.

Propét Men’s Stability Walking Sneakers for overweight walkers

This stability walker from Propet is an excellent all-round walking shoe that perfectly suits your wider feet.

Propét Men's Stability Walking Sneakers for overweight walkers

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It’s indeed one of the widest pairs out there and wonderfully pressure-relieving even when out for a long evening walk.

Like most of the best walking shoes for heavy walkers, it’s a lightweight pair while the construction quality is up there with the best.

The specialized heavy person rocker profile shoe provides abundant arch support thanks to the EVA midsole while the rubber outsole ensures utmost traction.

Moreover, you can remove the footbeds to insert your preferred custom orthotics.

The best shoes for overweight walkers are available in multiples sizes/widths as well as a couple of decent-looking colors and styles.

Be sure to order a 1/2 size larger to be on the safe side.


  • 100% Suede
  • Rubber sole
  • Rocker profile shoe (perforated)
  • D-ring speed-lacing closure system
  • Molded-EVA midsole
  • Removable cushioned orthotic
  • Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic shoe


  • One of the widest shoes around.
  • Feels very solid.
  • Fits nicely and even stretches accordingly for more comfort.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Well, one of those shoes without a major flaw.

Rockport Mens Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport describes the Men’s Eureka walking shoes as an extremely versatile walker, and it’s hard to disagree.

 Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe

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They tick all the boxes: Super comfortable, brilliantly made, pretty, and comes at a fair price.

It has outstanding heel stability, bountiful tongue and collar padding, and a removable footbed to boot. When walking, the forefoot flexibility helps you attain a relaxed step even if you’re climbing rugged terrain.

Rockport traditionally uses soft materials to alleviate pressure/pain on your feet and rubber soles for stability on all surfaces.

It’s a wide men’s shoe and particularly suited to overweight walkers with flat feet.


  • San crispino construction (heel stability)
  • Rubber sole & EVA Midsole
  • Flexible, lightweight upper
  • Forefoot flexibility
  • Latex foam footbed
  • Breathable mesh lining


  • Stylish, Nice looking shoes.
  • Pure leather upper.
  • Very breathable.
  • Support you well.


  • May need a bit of breaking in.

ASICS Mens GT 1000 2 Running Shoes

A supremely comfortable running shoe with advanced GEL shock absorption incorporated, the ASICS men’s GT1000 2 is clearly designed for the heavy runner.

 ASICS Men's GT 1000 2 Running Shoe

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You can tell this from the bevy of reinforced support features all-around led by the DUOMAX-technology-based midsole that lifts stability and the wider than usual rubber base.

The SPEVA foam midsole is quite good too and introduces some handy bounce to your step making this sneaker style shoe very satisfying to run in.

The construction is strengthened and it holds up well despite the heavier impact coming down from your big feet.

It’s a stability shoe that’s ideal for mild and moderate over-pronation and is available in sizes 6, 7, and 7-X wide.


  • 100% Synthetic uppers
  • Rubber sole
  • DuoMax midsole support
  • GEL cushioning system (Rearfoot and Forefoot)
  • Mild-moderate over-pronation
  • SPEVA foam midsole (for bounceback)


  • One of the comfiest running shoes for overweight guys.
  • Super sturdy.
  • Provides good stability.
  • Available in wide and extra-wide sizes.


  • It’s not the longest lasting pair but at the price is great.

Nike Mens Free 5.0 walking shoe

This Nike walking shoe for heavier people is the latest version of Nike’s popular walking shoes and has undergone a remarkable upgrade to make it agiler and more supportive.

 Nike Men's Free 5.0

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Nike has introduced multidirectional flex grooves to give you more control during transitions such as moving forward/backward, when twisting, or making side-to-side feet movements.

Then, the introduction of Flywire cables helps the shoe to wrap around your foot, creating a firm lockdown fit and stopping the foot from slipping.

Likewise, NIKE has this time integrated a unique technology that boosts the stretch and support where it’s needed most while simultaneously maximizing breathability.

Lastly, the use of mesh has made this shoe significantly lighter in weight.


  • Multidirectional flex grooves (with rubber grip)
  • Breathable mesh (with lateral support)
  • Flywire cable lockdown
  • Colors: Black, Dark Grey, Volt, White


  • Non-slipping because of the intensified rubber grip
  • More wiggle room for your toes.
  • Fits just right.
  • Very lightweight.


  • Might need some break-in period.

Types of Walking Shoes

Overall, your comfort and safety when walking depend greatly on the type of walking shoes you put on.

Here are the most common types of the best walking shoes for overweight men and women…

Stability walking shoes for overweight walkers

Stability shoes are built for heavy walkers who overpronate (meaning your foot rolls inwardly when walking).

That’s because they’re often built with a semi-curved shape and can even come with a double density midsole for extra support, especially under the arches.

To offset the inward roll, the shoes have additional cushioning still in the midsole section.

Overall, these types of dress shoes for overweight ladies and gents offer excellent balance and cushioning to your big feet.

Racewalking Shoes for overweight walkers

Racewalkers favor lightweight, low-heeled shoes with flexible midsoles, and moderate support and these shoes reflect this thoroughness.

But for the bigger racewalker, the footwear provides a generous toe box to keep blisters away while they are made from tougher materials to improve durability.

However, they remain extensively flexible and tremendously lightweight.

Motion-control shoes for big walkers

Motion control running shoes for big walkers are purposed to restrict excessive foot motion by reducing the level of pronation.

Extreme overpronation is mostly an issue among walkers with fallen arches or flat feet.

They may hence pack dual-density midsoles and have denser materials fused on the inside to help correct pronation.

Like the rest of the walking shoes for big people, these shoes are built to last and are further engineered with medial support to promote feet stability.

Walking Shoes for overweight walkers with Neutral Feet

Walkers who don’t overpronate when walking are said to possess neutral feet and have their own customized flexible and lightweight shoes to help them walk faster and/or perform.

These generally have a fair amount of cushioning, flat bottoms, and flexible uppers.

Aside from that, these shoes provide fair arch support particularly in the insole and have a wider fit.

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Why Buy Shoes for Heavy Walkers

Being overweight brings more pressure on your feet and as I previously hinted, can lead to myriad foot issues and discomforts aplenty in the course of your walks.

By adopting a special construction, shoes for morbidly obese help overcome supination and other associated challenges like knee problems.

What’s more?

  • Shoes for heavy walkers are more flexible than standard walking shoes while delivering adequate support throughout.
  • You can walk farther in these shoes since they’re typically super lightweight – as a huge person, the last thing you want is extra load in your feet while hiking. 
  • Some of them are extremely versatile and will keep your feet smiling even if you’re regularly on your feet the entire day at work due to the overflowing comfort.
  • They last longer than conventional walking shoes- of course, routine walking shoes tend to wear out faster because of the extra pressure generated by heavier strides.

Do heavy walkers shoes have any noteworthy drawbacks?

Perhaps the only concern is that a few models are a bit rigid and fail to bend and twist as well as you may want during foot transitions. 

Luckily, the best types flex perfectly with your foot as you roll through your steps from heel to toe.

Just be extra careful when selecting.

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Overweight Walkers Shoes Buying Guide

How do I find the best walking shoe? Well, this is a question many new walkers have to answer.

After all, whether you’re a hobbyist, a daily walker, or walking for fitness reasons, you want to have an easy time and make the most out of your timeout.

The following tips will help you find your ideal walking footwear.

Find a walking shoe that fits right

Forget about everything else… you will hate your shoe and subsequently, you will shun walking if it doesn’t fit.

Complications abound if you miss the right size…

For instance, some people grow painful toenails from wearing walking shoes that are too narrow or short.

Corns and calluses may also form on your toes if the barrier against your shoe is too tight.

Your walking will also unsurprisingly be impaired.

Even if you don’t feel these effects immediately, your joints will be affected over time.

Take your measurements (a friend can assist) then compare them with the published shoe sizing chart on the manufacturer’s website.

Also, note any special instructions.

For example, some manufacturers recommend that you order a ½ size or one size bigger and you need to obey this.

In addition, go for shoes with a roomy toe box if you have a big toe.

Select a pair that suits your walking habits

No two walkers are the same which explains why you meet various types of walking shoes.

To begin with, you should concentrate on shoes that best suit the terrain you typically do most of your walking on.

Specifically, casual walking shoes serve well on pavements as do some running shoes.

Trail-specific shoes and light hikers, on the other hand, function best if you favor nature trails or dirt roads.

Secondly, you’ll be safe from pain if the shoe you select matches the shape of your feet since it’s likely to bend according to your feet’s natural gait.

Also, remember that your arches influence how your foot moves and you’ll need a shoe that accommodates them.

The question of versatility

Some of us are for multipurpose shoes because of the nature of our jobs.

That’s because a versatile pair will serve you both at work and when walking to and fro in the morning/evening instead of carrying an extra pair.

For example, if you’re a teacher by day and a passionate walker in the evening, you will definitely go for the best shoes for overweight men.

These are mostly custom-built to remain comfortable all day long hence their popularity among tutors. 

Nurses also have their own exceptional walking-standing shoes.

And so forth.

What to look for in the overall construction

There are subtle variations between walking shoes for the obese— though they are all made from sturdier, more durable materials, and tend to be lightweight.

Nevertheless, there are things you need to note in any shoe marketed as a walking shoe for an overweight person.

Here they are…

  • Upper material

Most modern walking/running shoes use synthetic materials, but you’ll still find genuine leather on the more expensive ones.

The key is to check that any seams don’t chafe.

Breathability is also a big factor especially during the summer so confirm (Mesh allows the best ventilation).

The final two factors here are waterproofing (it will occasionally rain while you’re on your way) and the ease of cleaning…

Again inspect each of your choices for these.

  • The base

The construction of a shoes’ base controls its primary shape and how stable and springy/bouncy it is.

Several manufacturers produce shoes using technology that gives you an extra bounce/spring in your step.

These are more recommended although they are sometimes pricey.

The really posh ones use sophisticated technology such as the Impact Guidance System (ASICS shoes) to even improve your gait.

Turning to the outsole, rubber wins – make sure it has sufficient grooves and treads to create good traction.

  • Padding

Padding distributes pressure uniformly across the shoe’s surface. It also helps cushion against impact.

Foam is the most dominant padding material and comes in differing densities to give a firm but soft feel.

The crucial thing to recall is that though excessive padding may be attractive at first for beginners, it doesn’t necessarily make a shoe the most comfortable or the safest.

In truth, true walking shoes don’t require exaggerated cushioning in the heels and will perform just fine with a reasonable amount of padding.

Gel pads are as well available in select walking footwear and are quite effective.

  • Customizations in the Internal design

Some walking shoes have an elevation in the center to enhance foot transition.

Others have alterations designed to eliminate pressure from all around.

If you use custom orthotics to correct foot imbalances, you will want a shoe that accommodates your standard orthotics.

Shoe weight

Needless to say, low-weight walking shoes are perfect to walk in.

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Regular walking shoes don’t naturally cut it for us bigger people and instead, you will need any of the best walking shoes for heavy walkers.

These shoes even have additional benefits like stabilizing your feet and improving your balance while walking meaning you’re less likely to turn your ankles or suffer other injuries.

That the market offers dozens of fabulous options is great since you won’t lack a good fit.

We have already discussed what you should look out for when selecting chief among them how it fits and the support features so again you shouldn’t struggle much.

In any case, our best walking shoes for overweight walkers reviews above should give you a head start.

Having said that, I would love to hear your opinion about these shoes and your favorite model so drop your comments below.