Best Extra Wide Calf Rainboots for Women

The unpleasant feeling of steeping in a puddle and spending the entire day with wet feet is out of this world. By investing in the best extra wide calf rainboots for women, you can avoid the discomfort of a day with wet and soggy feet.

Whether you desire to beat the fall or spring day of drizzle or having to navigate winter’s slush puddles, owning a pair of reliable wide calf boots is necessary.

Similar to regular boots, extra wide calk rainboots run the gamut in terms of height and style. The main feature when it comes to fit narrows down to the circumference of your rainboot’s top shaft and opening.

Generally, settle for a boot that measures 15 – 19 inches in terms of circumference. Of course, this should depend on your comfort level and calf size.

While they are not effortlessly accessible, there are companies whose offerings feature an opening of up to 24 inches.

On this primer, we have extensively researched the market and settled on the five extra wide calf rain boots for women.

Sloggers Women’s Rain BootRecycled material6 – 11View
HUNTER Women’s Original Back Adjustable Rain BootsSynthetic5 – 11View
Crocs Women’s Crocband Jaunt Rain BootSynthetic4 – 11View
Jileon Extra Wide Calf Rain Boots for WomenSynthetic6 – 13View
Chooka Women’s Wide Calf Memory Foam Rain BootRubber6 – 11View


Best Wide Calf Rain Boots for Women Reviews

Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot

Manufactured in the USA with recyclable materials. The sloggers are durable and long-lasting.

The sloggers also come with (all-day comfort) insoles that are 7mm thick at the heel and 5mm at the balls of the feet.

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot with Comfort Insole Paisley Red Size 6 Style

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The soles are not flat but are formed. They have a skived support material under the heel.

Sloggers are as comfortable as your regular shoes but with the advantages of a waterproof work boot.

The slogger’s work boots have great traction in muck, mud, and water.

The wide calf boots are decorated with fun prints that are great to look at. They are vegan-friendly and non-latex.

They are waterproof and very practical work boot and they are true to size.

Sloggers also encourages customers to send their old work boots back to them for recycling.


  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Heavy-duty lug tread.
  • Flexible &soft upper material that hoses off.
  • 7mm heel and 5mm at the ball.


  • Comfortable insoles.
  • Great traction in wet weather.
  • Durable long-lasting sole.
  • 50% Recycled material.


  • The top can irritate or slightly injure the skin.

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Hunter Women’s Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots

They are known as the classic Hunter original adjustable boots. They are 16 inches from the arch to the shaft.

Ideal for wet conditions in the fields and wet grasslands as well as wet conditions in urban areas.

 HUNTER Womens Original Back Adjustable Rain Boots

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They have a seamless waterproof shell provided for by its vulcanized natural latex construction.

They have the distinct hunter logo at the front and their inner lining dries very fast.

A multilayered sponge insole is complemented by a cushioned footbed.

They measure at 15 inches but 17.5 inches when they are fully extended.

They come with product boxes that have been labeled US, UK, or Euro sizing so it is easy to identify your size.

They have a rubber sole, they have been imported and are synthetic.

Women’s sizing is represented by an (F) while the Men’s sizing is represented by an (M).

There is a Hunter size chart you can refer to in case of sizing problems.


  • The shaft measures 16inches from the arch.
  • Rubber sole
  • Vulcanized and natural latex construction
  • Adjustable buckled strap at the back of the shaft.


  • Seamless waterproof shell.
  • The box displays the UK, US and Euro sizing
  • Pull-on design.
  • Multi-layered sponge insole.


  • They eventually split at the ankle

Crocs Women’s Croc Band Jaunt Rain Boot

They are crock band jaunt women’s rain boots that are wellie inspired. They will keep you dry, stylish, and comfortable.

From the shaft to the arch they measure about 12 inches. The heel is about 1 inch.

Crocs Women's Crocband Jaunt Rain Boot

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For easy wearing and taking off, they have to pull holes at the top. For traction enhancement and durability they have rubber outsole pods.

They have been equipped with a Croslite molded mid-calf for a lightweight fit.

They can be worn above or under the pants because they are mid-calf length. They are 15 inches in circumference.

Whether in an outdoor grassland or field setting or an urban city setting, they are equally protective in wet conditions.

These boots feature Crocks proprietary closed-cell resin croslite which is a significant advancement in footwear.

They are odor-resistant, are lightweight, comfortable, and have the great gripping ability in wet conditions.


  • 100% synthetic
  • Shaft measures 12 inches from the arch.
  • The wide leg boots have an opening that measures 16 inches.
  • Fully molded Mid-calf with Croslite foam.


  • Dry and comfortable.
  • Mid-calf height.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Lightweight fit.


  • Not recommended for long walks.

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Women Rain Boots

They are fashionable rain boots designed for big calved women who are curvy and plus-sized.

The Jileon rain boots have an adjustable design with a double gusset that is patented and offers a comfortable fit ranging from 16 to 23-inch calves.

Jileon Extra Wide Calf Women Rain Boots

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From the soles going up these boots have been made to fit bigger feet, calves, and legs. The insoles are padded and provide optimal support.

The extra wide calf boots have been designed to fit with all outfits for all occasions if the need arises for wet condition footwear.

The Jileon plus size rain boots are manufactured with sturdy durable rubber and are 100% waterproof. They are made to prevent squeezed feet and ill-fitting boots for larger women.

Their non-slip soles are great for shedding mud. They are ideal to wear while going or getting off work to preserve your other non-water proof shoes.


  • Expandable gusset from 16-23inches.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Height of 14.5 inches.
  • Extra-wide calves.


  • Sturdy rubber.
  • Padded insoles.
  • Non-slip soles.
  • Optimal arch support.


  • Soles can be a bit unsupportive.

Chooka Women’s Wide Calf Memory Foam Rain Boot

This Chooka boot is manufactured with versa fit technology. An adjustable strap at the back helps with circumference changes.

Antique brass hardware is used to make the buckles. The boots come in solid colors or floral prints.

Chooks Women's Wide Calf Memory Foam Rain Boot

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There is a wide range of colors for the floral prints to fit each modern and stylish personality.

Its functionality and wear are maximized by its professionally tested rubber formula. The life of this design is enhanced by the hard rubber inner sole and the steel shank.

Its durability and flexibility are further balanced by the perfect ratio of materials used in its manufacture.

The wide calf boots for women have a removable insole which has 5mm memory foam and has a comfort threshold for long hours spent on your feet.

The outer sole has a self-cleaning tread pattern that has great traction on wet, muddy and slippery conditions.

On the inside, the polyester/cotton lining is moisture absorbent and helps keep the extra wide boots dry. The boots have also undergone treatment to keep the bacteria and odor-free.


  • It measures 14 inches from shaft to arch.
  • The wide rain boots have an adjustable strap.
  • The plus size boots are 16 inches in circumference.
  • Steel shank.


  • The extra wide calf boots are waterproof.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Odor control.
  • Self-cleaning tread pattern.


  • The little buckles might break.

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Rainboots Buying Guide

With countless brands coming up with their designs, styles, and sizes, choosing the best one can be challenging. The huge variety of wide calf rain boots makes it challenging for shoppers to make the right decision.

To make the process easier for you, we have come up with a list of factors that you can use as criteria or guides to separate the wheat from the chuff.

Consider the following:


Size is a highly important factor worth considering. Two sub-factors that determine a boot’s size are:

  • Foot tip
  • The calf
  • Foot Tip

For a rain boot to be excellent in terms of fit, it needs to have adequate space at its tip. This goes miles to comfortably move your toes.

Ensure that the heel lifts without any issue. If you notice that it slams when you walk, then the rainboot is probably too large.

Another important thing worth checking is whether you have ample space to place on your boots. You can do this by having an extra pair of socks. Make sure it is not too tight.

This will be handy during rainy and cold days where adding an extra insulation layer is necessary.

  • The Calf

A classic rainboot tends to sit high on your leg. Therefore, it is prudent that you pay close attention to the calf’s width.

Because rubber is a rigid material, ensure you have adequate space for purposes of comfort. The calf’s opening must be wide enough for your legs to slip in comfortably and effortlessly even with pants.


Factors that determine the comfort of your rainboot are:

  • Insulation
  • Flexibility
  • Feet
  • Feet

With their tall designs and thick soles, rainboots at times can feel heavy for the feet. When deciding on which one to settle for, always know that the heavier your choice is, the faster it’ll make you feel tired.

Are you into taking long walks when it is raining? If yes, then you should settle for a lighter model.

  • Flexibility

Contrary to popular opinion, rubber isn’t the most flexible material. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you settle for a rainboot whose sole is relatively softer.

This goes miles to make sure that your strides feel more natural and comfortable.

  • Insulation

The durable and versatile nature of rainboots makes them wearable all year long. This is especially true if you combine them with a great pair of thick socks or stocking.

In the summer, a 100% rubber model does the trick if you happen to be a puddle-jumping fanatic. However, for unexpected spring showers and autumn days, insulated boots are the most preferable.

Boots that feature a lining not only boast a better thermal capacity but are also often the most comfortable to put on.


Rubber is among the strongest and most durable material utilized in making rainboots. Therefore, when shopping for your next rainboots, consider those made of rubber.

The other impressive highlight of rubber is the fact that it is waterproof. The combination of these remarkable attributes makes this material a darling of many rainboot shoppers.

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Taking Care of Your Rainboots

Now that you have found your dream extra wide calf rain boots, it is wise that you pamper them to not only maintain their stylish look but also extend their lifespan.

The first thing you need to learn about is cleaning. All you need to do is rub their outside part with a sponge, and warm, soapy water. In terms of drying, place them outside to dry.

Note: If you opt to dry them outside, ensure you do not put them close to a heat source or in direct sunlight. Doing so can alter or damage the color of your rainboot. It can also come in the way of its rubber’s flexibility.

To make sure that you do not damage your boots, it is recommended that you avoid folding them during storage. In addition to that, store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Having trouble with using soap to provide your rain boots with a glossy and brand-new look? You can utilize other treatment products such as cleaning sprays.

Using this tactic is magical when it comes to eliminating traces of wear and tear that might appear eventually on your boots.

Final Words

Best Extra Wide Calf Rainboots For Women Reviews and Buying Guide

Searching for rainboots with a wider fitting calf can turn out to be highly challenging. Due to their construction that features rubber, rainboots have less maneuverability and stretch compared to the conventional fabric or leather boots.

Are you searching for the best extra wide calf rain boots for women? Tired of the ones you already have and desire an upgrade? Is it your first-time shopping for such rainboots?

If yes, then you should choose from any of the five recommendations we have highlighted on this primer. They are not only stylish but also comfortable and durable.