What Fat Shaming is and How to Deal With It

What Fat Shaming is and How to Deal With It

Fat shaming or body shaming is the practice of humiliating a person judged to be overweight or fat by mocking or making critical comments about their bodies.

Fat shamers are the ruthless people who point out issues regarding your body weight, for example how certain clothes don’t look good on you or how much your belly is hanging.

We live in a world that is so cruel and insults have stopped being a big deal especially on the internet. People will always feel the need to shame and bully you for being plus size; they just like pointing out your insecurities so that they can boost their ego.

People shaming you might make you feel imperfect and lower your esteem, which is normal since it is your weak point.

You need to reflect and comprehend who you are and why other people find it necessary to bully you about being big. However, don’t pay attention to those whose nature is to hurt other people’s feelings. It will just be a waste of time and effort because it is not worth it.

On the bright side, there are some things you can do to avoid being shamed just because you are fat.

Keep off online discussions on yourself

Always remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation on who you are. Your weight is not anyone’s business so don’t exchange words with anyone about it.

Avoid posting pictures of yourself on online platforms for the whole world to see. People behind screens are always quick to judge and they will always feel the need to insult you even for the things that don’t matter. They will go ahead to point out on how fat you are and others will go further to laugh about it. Don’t give them a chance.

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If you happen to post your photos on Facebook, only allow your close friends and relatives to view your posts (you can do this through privacy settings) and feel free to block anyone who comments negatively on about weight.

It is not you; it is them

You need to know that people fat shame to gain self-confidence. They simply haven’t matured – making fun of other people is sort of a hobby. They feel that fat shaming is good. They feel the need to make humor and get other people’s attention at your expense. They just want to boost their self-esteem.

Don’t fight back

You don’t need to fight the scoundrels who fat shame you. This will only amount to nothing since finally you will still get hurt and the bully will feel like the winner.

Simply don’t let it get to you. Having allowed bullies to win only makes them come back for more fun.

Be proud of yourself and who you are and this will repel them. They will feel like failures and will never come back. Even if some of the bullies are adamant, they will divert attention to somebody else who is a willing victim. Even if it hurts, you will have fought the bullies with the perfect weapon. However, don’t sit on it if you feel like your safety and peace is at risk. Get help from authorities.

Seek online support

Seek online support from people who are like you. There are many platforms on social media that give moral support to people with weight issues. Search on these forums for topics on weight shaming. They are very resourceful and will help in boosting your confidence and give you suggestions on how to handle instances of fat shaming.

Understand that fat shamers are bitter people

What fat shaming is and how to deal with it

Be aware that bullies are usually unhappy people. They have issues in their lives and they feel that they should take out their anger on other people. When you get fat-shamed always remember that the only thing you should feel is pity on the perpetrator. He or she is simply miserable hence they don’t deserve your attention.

If a friend, relative or a person next to you points out on how fat you are, let them know that what they are doing is not right. This will show them that you are confident about yourself. Sometimes people just don’t notice that what they are doing is wrong. Pointing it out will make them feel ashamed of what they have done. Go ahead and tell them that nobody is perfect and that they should not make fun of other people’s bodies.

Having weight issues does not mean that you should forget the joy of life. You can keep fit by getting workout equipment that is designed for larger people. This will help you get rid of some of the weight. Always remember that it is not always you; sometimes or all the time, it’s them.

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