Flash Furniture Hercules Series Metal Review

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Metal Review

The Hercules Series metal restaurant chair from Flash Furniture is best suited for restaurants, homes, cafes, conference and meeting halls, pool halls, gardens, lounges, bars, churches, schools, and establishments with high traffic.

This chair is designed to hold up to 500 lbs hence it meets the needs of plus size people as well as those of small and middle-size people.

This chair features burgundy vinyl fabric and its built to withstand the rigors in high traffic areas. Despite its incredible sturdiness, this chair adds function and aesthetics to a space.

It also complements a wide variety of d├ęcor schemes.

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Features of the Flash Furniture Hercules Series

Vertical back design

This chair’s vertical back support adds comfort and much beauty to its classic design. It also boasts a stain-resistant 2.5” thick foam padded seat which ensures ample and cushy support on the lower end. The comfortably padded seat and back are provided to make your guests feel at ease. This restaurant chair is made of CA117 fire retardant foam which can stand up to weather and fire without losing its high-end look.

Floor glides.

The Hercules Series chair features floor glides which serve to prevent scratching or snagging on the floor. This feature is important as it helps to protect your floor from getting damaged. Furthermore, it makes this metal chair a convenient option for use on various floor surfaces. The floor glides ensure the chair does not make too much noise when moved. Besides, they make the chair easy to move around but they ensure one does not slip when they sit on it.


This chair is constructed with durability in mind. It features 18 gauge steel frame and a curved support bar that offers additional support. Furthermore, its joints are welded together making it a better option than chairs with bolted joints.


This metal chair is light and easy to carry. This makes it a good option for outdoor use where they may bemoved more often. It can easily be transported from one location to another. The lightweight aspect does not compromise the durability of the chair.

Solid and sturdy

This metal chair can last through years of use as its frame is made from high quality steel. The frames are scratch-resistant and weather-proof. The frames are coated with black powder to prevent them from rusting. This metal chair requires very little maintenance to keep it shiny and pristine.

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#Easy to clean

You do not need to have any expertise or special tools in order to clean this metal chair. When the chair gets dusty or soiled, you don’t have to use special cleaning products; just get a soft, clean piece of cloth and wipe it. Of course this is an imperative aspect for individuals running businesses with high traffic. You can take very few minutes cleaning this metal chair and get to save time. At the same time, you’ll be preserving its beauty and prolonging its lifespan.

#The burgundy vinyl upholstered seat offers additional comfort. The upholstery adds style, comfort and luxury. It has a certain warmth and elegance.


This is the most versatile metal chair available as it can be used in diverse places. This chair also combines the functionality of saving space with a design that is strong and light.#With a weight capacity of 500 lbs this chair is ergonomically designed to provide optimal support for plus size people. It provides sufficient padding and helps one to achieve a good posture.

#Its rigorously tested to meet commercial-grade standards.#Its design is simple and timeless. It looks modern and that makes it a wonderful classic.

#This metal chair is not expensive and its within most people’s price range.

#It can be used in commercial settings as well as for home use.

This metal restaurant chair can really enhance the feel of any space. Its construction , high seating capacity and material makes it really special. Its clever design, with a black powder coated finish makes it ideal for a contemporary or modern space.

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair for plus size people with vertical support, comfort , seat cushion design, and durability, consider the Hercules Series metal restaurant chair from Flash Furniture and get to provide your plus size customers with the ultimate dining experience.
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