U-MAX Massage Chair Review

U-MAX Massage Chair Review

People who struggle with bad backs or have difficulty getting up from chairs will be interested in examining this new massaging recliner developed by U-MAX.

Unlike other massaging chairs you will find on the market, it has several new features that add to its luxury and comfort.

It’s the U-MAX Massage Chair, and when you see it, you will find it difficult to resist trying one out to test just how comfortable it is.

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The Pros:

• The U-MAX is a state-of-the art massage chair with new features that will instantly have you in relaxation mode. On cold days when you catch a chill, you can take advantage of the heating device and warm your body up almost instantly. If you have a stress-filled day at the office, take a seat in the U-MAX Massage Chair and enjoy a soothing massage. This feature has multiple settings, so you can decide if you prefer a strong or gentle massage, or something in between.

• Many brands will try using flimsy materials for their recliners, including fiber or particle boards, which are prone to easy breakage. The last thing you need when you are in the mood to relax and watch television is for your easy chair to fall apart when you sit on it. With the U-MAX recliner, there’s no need to worry about that. The chair is ready for you to get comfortable. It’s made of sturdy materials and built to handle as much as 300 lbs.

• The seat is so roomy and spacious, if you happen to be a bigger or taller than average person, this massage chair will easily accommodate your size when you want to sit and enjoy the luxurious feel of it. The proportions of the seat itself are very generous, measuring almost 36 inches wide and 20 inches deep. The back as it stands upright is more than 20 inches high, so when you lie back on the recliner, you can really relax regardless of how big or tall you might be.

• This new U-MAX massage chair is simple to control as well, so anyone can enjoy it. It sports far more user friendly options to stand up, sit down, and recline. Other units require you to pull up a difficult-to-reach side lever as you push your weight backwards in order to recline. This can be painful for those who strain with upper body movement. That’s not necessary with this product. There really is nothing manual about this new U-MAX massage chair. It offers safety and convenience all in one attractive recliner.

• The U-MAX massage chair is made with thick sponge, so when you sit on it, it almost feels as if you’ve landed on a soft cloud. The material is hypoallergenic and breathable, so it won’t ever smell like mold or mildew. U-MAX prides itself on the quality of its products. Rest assured that these recliners go through rigorous tests to guarantee their strength and durability. It’s an attractive piece of furniture that will look good in the den, living room, or in the basement man-cave.

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The Cons

• Like any other high quality furniture, the U-MAX massage chair is pricey and will run you around $450. This does not include shipping or the five-year warranty. There are other massage chairs on the market that are priced as low as $150, but the adage, you get what you pay for, might apply in these cases. The U-MAX is by no means over the top in terms of expense. Some recliners will set you back by $1200. The price for the U-MAX is slightly below the average, so buyers do get a lot of bang for the buck.

• Some people prefer products that use genuine leather, because it’s a natural material and far more durable than synthetic leathers like polyurethane (PU). PU is made up of split leather combined with polyurethane to give it the look of real leather. However, if you’re an animal-lover, PU is a nice alternative to animal skin. There doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference when it comes to the way the two materials look aesthetically, but leather will definitely last longer.

The Verdict

When it comes to heavy duty recliners for big men, everyone has differing opinions about which features the chair should have. In this case, the U-MAX massage chair has enough to please everybody. It’s sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight without breaking, and it has durable materials that are both eco- and animal-friendly.

The price point is reasonable compared to similar chairs on the market too, so if you’re looking to buy a massage chair, the U-MAX may be the right one for you.

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