Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Sofa

Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Sofa

Sofa buying guide for 2019: Whether you’re looking into refurnishing your home with a new sofa or trying to replace an old one, you must consider some important factors in choosing one.

When you think about quality, pricey ones might be on top of your selection list especially if you’re thinking that price is the first basis of makers in manufacturing a high-quality sofa. To tell you the truth, it is not just the price that matters in selecting the right sofa for your home. Aside from price, you still have to look into other important points to get the best value for your money.

In maximizing your spending, you have to think of quality in selecting your couch. You don’t want to replace it every year because of popped springs or broken structure, and sometimes, it goes out of style and shape after a period of time.

To help you out in your search for the right sofa, let us discuss key points in choosing one in this article.

Sofa Buying Guide – Key Points

Decide on what cushion type you desire for your new sofa.

Select between attached or loose back cushions. For the loose cushion type, you’ll have the preference on turning pillows as you desire, while attached ones never need rearranging or fluffing. Test on the sofa by seating on it. Check out if it feels comfortable for you. Does it have the right height as well for reading a book or taking a nap in the afternoon?

Decide on the number of cushions.

Choosing a single-cushioned sofa will give your home a modern and simplistic look while the double-cushioned sofa will provide your space a traditional appeal. In addition, check on the cushion as you seat on it. Are they fixed in place or are they flaring up in the corners? Are the cushion connected to the sofa’s frame with a clip, holding it in place?

Think about the sofa arms.

What type of arms do you desire for your sofa? Or do you want it armless? Choose from traditionally rolled arms, armless, straight parson’s style, or curved arm. Rolled armed sofas have flat front panels are often designed in cording. The English version arm comes rounder in front with material formed as sunburst-type pleats. There are also straight-armed sofas that are seen in modern homes.

Check out on the sofa’s legs.

Do you prefer skirted or visible legs? Select from leg designs like heavy squared, wide bun feet, elegantly tapered, curved, or non-curved legs. Aside from the leg style, you can also select from different finishes that they come from.

 Select on the right frame construction.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Hogan Oversized Recliner Review sofa buying guideFrames must be durable because they are the foundation of every long lasting sofa. Think about the construction of the sofa’s frame that you fall in love with. The best of them are made of hardwood like poplar, maple or oak. However, they are pricier than sofa constructed with pine wood. The interior of the furniture, aside from the frame, is also important. Cheap furniture is only stapled together and only has corner bracing. The better ones are screwed together securely.

Assess the seat-made.

The furniture store can help you recognize the support system that furniture is made of. Ask whether the chosen sofa is made with tied springs or with cheaper wire coils.

Ask about the pillow and cushion filling.

The feel of the sofa, whether it will give comfort or pain for your body, depends on the type of cushion or pillow fillings it has. The upholstered foam is cheaper and has thickness and weight to choose from; the best of them, however, contain have down fillings. All cushions that are downed are fluffed everyday, though an alternative utilize down pads tapered on a core of foam.

Finally, decide on the material of the sofa.

This will give the total look of your sofa from a view. Decide whether you want leather which is attractive though bit pricey or velvets which are lovely but may have wear and tear in the long run. You can also have a personalized seat cover for your sofa.

Sofa Buying Guide – Parting Shot

These are some options that can guide you in choosing your new sofa. Choose the style that suits your home and above all, consider the type that will last for many years.

I hope the sofa buying guide helps. If you like it, feel free to share with your circles.

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