What are the Best Camp Chairs for Heavy People?

Camp Chairs for Heavy People | Plus-size Camp Chairs Reviews 2018

If you are a plus-size person passionate about outdoor getaways, and you have never considered one of the top-rated camp chairs for heavy people, then you are missing out big. Let us face it, finding the perfect camping chair for yourself is not an easy task. The simple truth is that most camping chairs are … Read more

Best Climbing Treestands for Big Guys (2022)

What are the Best Climbing Treestands for Big Guys

As a big guy, you know the importance of finding the right gear when you’re out in the woods. So, what are the best climbing treestands for big guys? There are a few things to look for when choosing a climbing treestand. First, make sure that it’s adjustable so that it will fit you properly. … Read more

What are the Best Bodyboards for Big Guys?

Best Bodyboards for Big Guys

There is no definitive answer when it comes to finding the best bodyboards for big guys. However, there are a few things you can look for when choosing a board that will work well for your size and surfing ability. The most important factor is the thickness of the board. A thicker board will provide … Read more

Best Bikes for Plus Size Women 2022

Best Bikes for Plus Size Women Reviews for 2021

As the bike riding trend continues, more and more women are taking up this fun and healthy activity. But, many women – especially the plus size – are still unsure what “the best bikes for plus size women” are. But fear not, we have the answer. If you’re a woman with a larger than average … Read more

Air mattress for heavy people | Heavy-duty air mattress

Best Air Mattress for Heavy People – Heavy Duty Air Mattress 2021

In this latest post, we will be tackling the best air mattress for heavy people. One of the biggest challenges that heavy people face while camping or sleeping on the road is finding mattresses for camping that are both comfortable and durable enough to hold their weight. An air mattress (airbed or blow-up bed) is … Read more

Best Heavy Duty Pool Floats for 2022

Best Heavy Duty Pool Floats Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Summer means getting your fun around the lakes and pools and soaking up the rays. A pool float is among the best pool toys on the market and is a great way to spice up your free time on the water. Although they have a simple and generic design, there are various sizes, options, and … Read more

Best Plus Size Beach Chairs for 2022

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

This is a common question among plus-size people who want to have a good time at the beach without the worry of falling off a weak beach chair or trying to fit into a rather small chair. Finding a great beach chair for a heavy person can be a daunting task since most beach chairs … Read more

Best Heavy Duty Hammocks for Big Guys 2022

Camping Hammocks for Big Guys - Heavy Duty Hammock Buying Guide

Let’s face it: everyone wants to have a piece of the fun when summer comes. But there’s no denying it: a perfect outdoor time takes meticulous planning. And the right equipment. For us, big people, that calls for oversized/heavy-duty camping gear. And that’s where heavy-duty hammocks for big guys come in. A word for starters: … Read more

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders for Heavy People

Confer Plastics Access Pool Step

What are the best above-ground pool ladders for heavy people? You see, as a huge person, getting in and out of the warm, relaxing water can be such a struggle.  Imagine having to call on others to drag you out of the pool? Pretty embarrassing. Huh? At the same time, regular ladders are so flimsy … Read more

Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys (2022)

After a busy day of fun and adventure, the best way to rewind is to slip into your sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. Next morning, you wake up fresh, bubbling with energy, and raring to go! If you’re tall, finding the best sleeping bags for big guys isn’t always easy. You don’t want … Read more

Best Bikes for Fat Guys Reviews (2022)

If you don’t have the right tool for the job, cycling can be boring, even dangerous. For us, plus-sizes, all you need is one of the myriad best bikes for fat guys. It will get you excited, adventurous, and make riding a very fulfilling experience. So, what makes bicycles for heavy people so different from … Read more

Best Heavy-Duty Lawn Chairs Reviews 2022

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Sometimes back, I needed several heavy-duty lawn chairs for a family camp. We are a family of big guys – I think it’s genetic – and we usually have an outdoor fun activity every 6 months. It happens that I am the ‘logistics guru’ and this time I was trusted with getting the best possible … Read more

Best Extra-Large Camping Cots Reviews 2022

Best Extra Large Camping Cots Reviews 2017

“Always have your extra-large camping cots as you head out!”…That’s what my dad told us the first time I and my twin brother were planning for a weekender camp. Many years later, I still remember it! Let me first tell you about why I like camping; To me, camping is one of the coolest activities. … Read more

Best Motorcycles for Big Guys 2022

Motorcycle for Big Guys

Finding it challenging to find the best motorcycles for big guys? The unfortunate thing is that most motorbikes are tailored for medium or average-size riders. Because of this, big and tall guys encounter difficulties when in the market for a motorbike to ride comfortably. Fortunately, most of the motorbikes in the bike industry can be … Read more

Best Holsters for Fat Guys Reviews 2022

Best Holsters for Fat Guys Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Excellent support and comfort are two crucial things a fat guy should prioritize when carrying a weapon all day. A holster is mainly used by professionals in security and law enforcement to hold weapons securely when not in use. There are a lot of different styles and kinds of holsters on the market today. Unfortunately, … Read more

Best Scooters for Big Guys Reviews 2022

What are the Best Scooters for Big Guys

What are the best scooters for big guys? The market is saturated with scooters. And scooters have a myriad of benefits both to the owner and the ever-degrading environment. But most scooters seem to be made with medium-sized bodies in mind. The average scooter supports shorter guys with about 170 pounds (77 kg). What happens … Read more

Best Longboards for Heavy Riders Reviews 2022

Best Longboards for Heavy Riders Reviews for 2021

Your plus-size body should not bring a stop to your enjoyment and hobbies. If you like cruising around with your longboard, but your heavyweight is a major hindrance to your fun, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Many longboard manufacturers have identified the gap and are designing longboards for heavy riders. In this article, I’ve … Read more

Best Heavy Duty Swing Sets Reviews (2022)

Best Heavy Duty Swing Sets Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Because of their exceptional built, heavy duty swing sets hold a lot of weight and won’t break even when used by plus sized adults. This makes them perfect for sociable play – your kids, partner, and friends get to play together and have precious bonding time. In this article, I bring you the best 5 heavy … Read more

Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders (2022)

Best Skateboards for Heavy Riders Reviews for 2021

Skateboards come in all sizes and shapes. Being a heavy guy means you stand higher chances of breaking or snapping your board than lighter skaters. If you’re on the heavy side, you need a skateboard with a different setup. Fortunately, I’ve reviewed the best skateboards for heavy riders along with a comprehensive guide to help … Read more

Best Heavy-Duty Tricycle for Adults 2022

Best Heavy-Duty Tricycle for Adults Reviews for 2021

Cyclists come in various shapes, fitness levels, or sizes. As a large rider, having the freedom to move around and run errands can be challenging. Fortunately, investing in a heavy-duty tricycle for adults can make your movements effortless. With a heavy-duty tricycle, you’re guaranteed excellent mobility and safety thanks to their strong three-wheel design. Additionally, … Read more