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Shoes for Heavy Runners Reviews

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to shun regular running shoes in favor of the best shoes for heavy runners.

First, while running is largely safe for most adults, studies have indicated that big-boned runners often face a higher risk of suffering running-related injuries (blame the more forceful pounding)..

Secondly, there are challenges that tend to afflict runners blessed with size..

For instance, simple physics indicates that the extra force generation causes ordinary shoes to compress more and wear out much quicker if you’re oversize.

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And so forth..

Which brings us to the next question: which are the very best shoes for heavy runners?.

Well, you will soon learn the answer but first, let’s tackle a few questions:

Who is a heavy runner?

Overall, you’re classified as a heavy runner if your BMI rating is over 27…

Heavier runners often generate extra force from the lower feet due to the extra body mass

This means that your joints have to absorb more shock when running which isn’t always possible if your footwear isn’t supportive.

Then, the heavier impact and pressure on joints might make the whole experience pretty uncomfortable and you may not last the distance without the best running shoes for support.

Why buy Shoes for Heavy Runners

Now, the solution to the aforementioned problems is obviously shoes for heavy runners.

And that’s because as I hinted above, they are customized to support your enhanced frame and help reduce stress to your feet on impact.

There’s more..

  • Footwear for heavy runner helps you maintain proper form when running and stave off potential injuries.
  • Because they help overcome biomechanical issues like underpronation, these shoes shield you from foot problems like Planta Fasciitis.
  • The right pair of shoes for heavy runners is way comfortable than any other type of shoe and it might help improve your performances in competitions.
  • These shoes don’t shrink or over compress from the additional pressure and tend to last longer.

Potential drawbacks of Shoes for Heavy Runners

The one issue I have with these shoes is that some are a bit pricey.

In short, the incredible support, protection, stability, comfort and shock absorption comes at a premium

But this isn’t entirely unexpected since the materials and the technology used to manufacture this type of footwear cost more to than those used in ordinary running shoes.

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Types of shoes a heavy runner should consider

Shoes for fat people take different shapes, designs, and constructions and support myriad running styles/abilities.

Here is a selection of best types of running shoes built to offset the forceful impact of running.

Stability running shoes for the heavy runner 

Stability running shoes are the best known athletic shoes for heavy runners because they’re purpose-engineered to serve all the needs of heavier runners.

Most notable in these running shoes for morbidly obese is the innovative cushioning system to help attenuate shock during the impact phase.

This also helps your feet smoothly transit to midstance.

Above all, their abundant comfort and stability help athletes and walkers complete more miles than when wearing conventional athlete footwear.

Big-heeled shoes for heavy runners

As the name suggests, these have a bigger heel and help distribute your weight evenly as you lumber on so you won’t tire out prematurely.

If you add the plush interior and amazing fit, you begin to see why these are considered to be among the best running shoes for wide feet mens and women.

In addition, most models here supply extra springiness and you literally feel the bounce during your runs.

Support running shoes for heavy runners

These shoes have remarkable arch support and are a godsend for plump runners who have been having problems such as plantar fasciitis and pain after running.

That’s because these running shoes are built with smart technologies to give you the perfect fit and function during every run.

Furthermore, these running shoes often feature super lightweight construction- you sometimes feel like you’re running on air.

A word on pronation

Besides the aforementioned types, the best shoes for heavy runners are further categorized into neutral, underpronation, and overpronation running shoes.

Neutral running shoes for heavy runners

These are targeted at runners with normal arches…,

You might be better off with this class of shoes if you arches don’t always collapse inward while running.

Underpronation and overpronation running shoes for heavy runners

These are your shoes if your arches collapse exceedingly inward or your step is notoriously unstable while you’re out on a serious run.

They typically deliver maximum shock absorption.

Note that I have included both neutral and underpronation/overpronation running shoes for heavy runners in the best shoes for heavy runners reviews section below…

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Buying Guide

Just before we go to the reviews, here is what to look out for when selecting the best shoes for heavy runners..

Check the Fitting

I cannot emphasize enough…If your running shoe is ill-fitting, you will be in for a very rough ride.

You see, if you get sizing all wrong, you’ll suffer soreness from friction as you run and acute pain.

Blisters, general numbness, and unending discomfort will also regularly trouble you.

To be sure of your right size, take your feet’s measurement each time you’re out to buy a new pair since the feet are always changing.

Well, I know that the issue of size is controversial and people give different opinions – including experts who recommend half a size bigger- but is well worth the effort.

Presence/absence of Feet weakness

Some of the best running shoes for comfort have a personalized built to accommodate common feet abnormalities such as a big toe.

You don’t want a shoe that causes your big toes to protrude as it will eventually punch a hole in the shoe’s mesh, sometimes only a few months later.

Likewise, you don’t want a pair that aggravates your plantar fasciitis pain if you’re a victim.

And so forth.

Overall construction

Overall, you want an upper that’s shaped like your feet besides being smooth throughout -seamless uppers are the smoothest.

You will additionally inspect whether your heels slip, how the shoes padding impact your ankles, and whether the back rubs against your achilles tendon.

What’s more, you want a shoe whose heel permits comfortable ankle motion while giving you a secure feeling.

Still, on the construction, the outsole should supply adequate traction and guarantee stability underfoot.

A running shoe that flexes as your foot wants (when running) while adding a spring to your step is more preferable

Also remember to factor in the cushioning, ability to hold custom orthotics, and even breathability

In the meantime, all the materials used should be durable while remaining lightweight- a heavy running shoe is no-no because of fatigue.

But you won’t want a pair that’s binding or chafing at any point.

In a nutshell, a small oversight can mess your decision making so inspect each candidate all round.

What about the looks?

Well, don’t be swayed by the looks..some heavy runners are too preoccupied with fashion and forget to concentrate on the fundamentals such as the sizing only to regret later..

And so it’s best to first focus on how it feels and fits before thinking about beauty.

Best Shoes For Heavy Runners Reviews

ASICS Mens Gel Venture 6 heavy Running Shoe

Designed to conquer rugged train, this sneaker from ASICS is a joy for heavy runners because of the exceptional traction when climbing uphill/downhill thanks to the trail-specific outsole.

The shoe’s famed gel cushioning further helps beat back pressure on your joints by absorbing shock so your feet remain relaxed as you race along.

View Price and Buy on Amazon

The best running shoes for heavy men have exquisite padding while aeration is provided by the breathable mesh fabric toe and the sides.

Plus you can remove the sockliner too if you want to add your favorite custom orthotics for medical or whatever reasons.


  • Rubber sole
  • Rear foot GEL Cushioning System
  • Removable Sockliner ( to allow you easily insert custom orthotics)
  • Trail specific high abrasion rubber outsole (maximum uphill/downhill traction)


  • Because of the perfect cushioning, these sneakers are excessively comfortable.
  • They fit amazingly.
  • Brilliant workmanship.
  • They look nice too.


  • The arch support is somewhat wanting.

ASICS Womens Gel-Venture 6 heavy Running-Shoes

The lady version of the bestselling ASICS men’s gel 6 heavy running shoes is also widely considered to be among the best running shoes for heavy female runners.

View Price and Buy on Amazon

At just 9.0 oz, this pair is just like its sibling wonderfully lightweight and superb to run in.

The cushioning is as still posh yet flexible and delivers a smooth ride even after running for tens of miles.

Your feet will also be happy with the underfoot traction, roomy toe box, and the all-round support.

To cut a long story short, you will be hard-pressed to pinpoint major issues with the ASICS womens gel 6 heavy running shoes.


  • Rubber sole
  • Removable Sockliner
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning.
  • Trail Specific High Abrasion Rubber Outsole: accomplished traction on different types of terrain.


  • Extraordinarily supportive and padded.
  • Super lightweight heavy runner shoe.
  • Delightful looks.
  • Terrific fit.


  • Not the greatest Arch support.

ASICS Mens GEL-Kayano 22 Heavy Running Shoe

ASICS offers styles aplenty when it comes to best shoes for heavy runners, thanks to their deep understanding of the running shoe market.

View Price and Buy on Amazon

This time ASICS has invented a great distance heavy running shoe specifically for overpronators (mild/moderate).

It packs all ASICS legendary features and oozes superior support and cushioning so it’s another top, top running shoe.

The shoe even includes rare features like the gait improving Impact Guidance System (also aids stability) and the FluidRide bounce-back cushioning which supplies lots of bounce to your step.

Sure, it’s pricier than the Gel-venture 6 shoe but the luxuriously plush comfort makes it very worthy.


  • Rubber sole
  • Reflective & color-pop details
  • Impact Guidance System
  • FluidRide bounce-back cushioning
  • FluidFit multi-directional reinforced stretching upper
  • The best stability running shoes feature a heel clutching system (extra security)
  • Rearfoot & forefoot GEL cushioning system


  • Stretches nicely.
  • Intensely supportive.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Phenomenal for overpronators


  • May need some break-in time

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 – Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

The brooks women’s ghost 11 is a neutral multipurpose running that suits everything from long-distance running, road racing, cross-training, to the treadmill.

View Price and Buy on Amazon

It’s a fairly wide pair with a 12mm midsole drop to help land safely from heel to toe and segmented crash pads to cushion your every stride.

The balanced DNA loft cushioning supplies precise softness underfoot whilst a stretching upper enhances responsiveness.

The structure adds a spring to your steps, making running feel natural not to forget that like the rest, it fits securely.


  • Manmade shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • DNA loft cushioning
  • The best running shoes for overweight women have a heel crash pad (softer landings)
  • Medium, high arches
  • Stretching mesh upper.


  • Perhaps the nicest looking pair.
  • At 9.5oz, it feels very light on your feet.
  • Fits true to size.
  • Very responsive.


  • A bit pricey.

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walking Shoes

Brooks woman’s’ walking shoes are renowned for their bumper support and you’ll walk particularly well since the contemporary design reduces pressure when you’re in an upright position.

View Price and Buy on Amazon

They can as well work splendidly as a casual shoe for everyday wearing when running your regular errands.

It’s second to none for low arches and masterfully control your over pronation while the synthetic sole has a crisscross cell pattern to protect you from slipping.

The farther you walk, the lighter they seemingly get perhaps because of the energy-returning midsole cushioning.

On the whole, this upgraded walking shoe for heavy people feels special whenever and wherever you go all day long.


  • Manmade shoe
  • Synthetic sole
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • MoGo midsole cushioning
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • Wider toe box
  • Feels soft inside.
  • Super supportive base.
  • Quite comfortable when won with an orthotic.


  • Can get warm inside especially during hot weather.

Extra tips to help make you a better, safer runner

  • Meals: Don’t take meals just before you go out for a run lest you suffer cramping or irritating side stitches.
  • Time your runs: Don’t run during the hottest hours of the day, especially in the summer. Sweltering heat can cause dehydration and also interferes with oxygen distribution to the muscles so you can’t run that fast.
  • Make water your friend:  Always drink oceans of water before heading out, during, and after finishing your run keep hydrated.
  • Put Safety first: Bring your mobile phone along, wear reflective materials (if running late or early morning), and alert a friend that you’ll be out until your estimated time.

Lastly, stop running immediately you injure yourself and consult a medic.

Shoes for Heavy Runners: FAQs

It’s time to answer some of the questions that heavy runners typically ask about their running shoes..

What is the best running shoe for a heavy runner?

I won’t lie that have a personal favorite but countless men heavy runners have been all praises for the ASICS Mens as well as the ASICS Mens GEL-Kayano 22 heavy Running Shoe.

For heavy women runners, the pairs that seem to attract the most recommendations are the womens Gel-Venture Running Shoe, the Brooks Womens Ghost 11, and the Brooks Women’s Walking Shoes.

I have already reviewed them for you so have an idea about each by now.

How long do typical running shoes last for heavier runners?

It depends on a host of factors including how well you maintain it, your average weekly mileage, the terrain you run on, and even your running style.

But in most cases, you can expect to replace your running shoes after doing about 300-400 miles.

Having said that, the best shoes for heavy runners regularly outlasts other cheaper models and are the surest bets if you’re after a longer-lasting shoe.

How do you start running when you are heavy?

If you’re starting, aim to just complete a few miles at the beginning as your body isn’t yet used.

You can target doing 2,3, 4, then 5 miles daily before committing to longer runs depending on how your body is responding.

Each day, it’s advisable that you start by walking slowly the first few hundred yards before gradually upping the pace after about 20-30 minutes.

You should then slow down to walking pace as you approach your stopping point to bring down your heart rate.


Running is immensely beneficial to your wholesome health besides being one of the cheapest exercises around.

Yet, standard running shows lack the qualities required to support and shield those tipping the scales at 200-plus pounds from discomforts caused by the heavier impact on your feet.

Thankfully, the best shoes for heavy runners deliver solid shock absorption and enormous support and can make all the difference during your morning/evening runs.

Some of the most reputable include the ASICS Mens GEL-Kayano 22 heavy Running Shoe, Brooks Womens Ghost 11 shoe, and Gel 6Venture Running Shoes, all of which I have reviewed.

I have also explained what you should look out for when comparing and contrasting the various best shoes for heavy runners options.

Your podiatrist can also help if you’re still having challenges finding the right pair.

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