About Me

Hey there and welcome to the blog.

Since you visited this page to know more about me, I will try my best to tell you about me and about this blog.

My name is George – a big guy. I was born in a family where we are all big. It runs in our genes… It is a family thing and we are proud of our bodies. We don’t view this as a problem. We love the way we are.

The biggest challenge I have always faced, being a plus size person, is finding the products that can accommodate my big body. Most of the products you’ll find in the market cannot perfectly cater to the needs of the big people.

This challenge is what led me to start this blog. To help other people like me who face challenges finding the best products for big people e.g. Heavy duty fitness gear.

Heavy duty Life is a community of big guys created by myself, my family and my friends. When not working at the family bakery, I spend most of my time testing, researching and writing about the different products that a plus size person needs in their day to day life.

Here I will share the products I have used and others that my family members and friends (plus size) are using in their day to day lives… all aimed at helping you to find the best product/service that will meet your needs without breaking your bank.

The reviews and buyer’s guides that you find here are all data-driven and unbiased. I dig into the data to discover the truth about products. Whenever possible, I work with industry-leading experts to help us find the difficult answers.

If you’d like to reach out just visit my contact page.