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Best Oversized Recliners for Big Guys 2024

There is nothing that beats the comfort of stretching your body in a quality recliner!  Unfortunately, if you are a big and tall guy, you might feel different if you sit on a standard recliner. Thankfully, oversized recliners come with a wider sitting area for guys who prioritize comfort.

Most big and tall guys want a quality recliner to relax, but many don’t know how to buy the best recliner that fits their exact needs. There are tons of recliners out there. Therefore, if you want the right recliner for your home, you have to be keen on some aspects of the buying process. In this article, we’ve listed the 5 best oversized recliners that will fit your exact needs.

Types of Recliners

Two-position Recliner

This type of recliner is the most common product you’ll find in the market. It comes with only two recline positions: completely or upright reclined. As soon as you release the foot lever, the seat back flattens with your body weight.

Push-back Recliner

Are you looking for a recliner that doesn’t require a level or power button to recline? Look no further! A push-back recliner will flatten with a slight push from your back. However, most of them lack a footrest, so it may not be an ideal product if you like stretching your legs.

The Rocker

This is an affordable option that rocks when upright and can also flatten out. The rocker is an ideal choice for parents who like soothing a young child or people who want to be lulled to sleep in a calm motion.

The Power Lift

This type of recliner is completely motorized, which means that it can help you stand up and push you out of the chair. It is an ideal choice for people with disabilities, injuries, or have issues with mobility. Since the chair features advanced technology, it’s among the most expensive options.

The Wall Hugger

This is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a recliner’s benefits without occupying too much space in a cramped space. The wall hugger needs about half a foot of space from your wall when fully reclined.

The Massage Recliner

If you’re looking for the most relaxing recliner, there is no better option than this type that knocks, kneads, and vibrates your aching body parts. After a busy day, you need this chair for quality massages.


Should Feet Hang Over the Recliner?

Ideally, your feet should not be dangling when seated and not touching the floor. But, they should not be too low on the ground so that your heels do not strain as you rest. Your feet should lay flat to offer sufficient back and knee support.

What is a Half Recliner?

This refers to an extra-wide recliner chair, which is also called an oversized recliner. These seats have luxurious features and are more comfortable when compared to an average recliner. They are ideal for big guys, although they are very comfortable for everyone.

How Far Should a Recliner be Placed from a Wall?

You have to be keen on your incliner’s position since it may affect its full-length foam when fully reclined. The recliner should be placed in a strategic space where it can achieve a relaxed position fully.

How Much do Oversized Recliners Cost?

A quality recliner chair can cost you around $500. This will have a durable design and offer you the comfort you need. However, if you’re not operating on a budget, a $1000+ price range will reward you with a luxurious seat with lush features.

Oversized Recliners Buying Guide

If you want to get the right product for you, you have to consider some key factors. The following factors should be your top priority when judging a recliner.


Recliners come in all sizes and shapes; some have a bigger design than the average armchair, while others can be spacious enough to accommodate two people. When looking for a big and tall recliner, you should pay attention to the seat’s dimensions. Your favorite choice should feature a long back and wide seat that suits a big individual.

Weight Limit

Although they are designed for big and tall guys, all recliners have a weight limit of some kind. Always check the maximum weight that the seat can hold before buying. You do not want to get disappointed after few days of use.

Materials Used

The recliner materials play a huge role in the comfort and durability of the seat. Recliners don’t come in different styles and colors; they are also made with different fabrics. Always choose a recliner that features a high-quality fabric that doesn’t get ruined easily.


A quality recliner should have a proper design that supports and fits humans of all weights, heights, and proportions. It should shape your body parts to offer hours of comfort, alleviate fatigue, and reduce stress. When looking for your dream recliner, test the kind of support it provides.

Recliner Type

There are various types of recliners out there. They have unique reclining mechanisms and have their pros and cons. Mostly, you can choose between massage, rocker, and wall hugger recliners. However, the ideal choice for you scales down to personal preferences.


Purchasing a recliner comes with huge monetary implications. Therefore, you should look for a product that comes with favorable warranty terms. Not all manufacturers offer warranties, so ensure that your dream chair has a reasonable protection plan.


Budget is a huge issue when buying an oversized recliner, especially for big and tall persons since it comes with a high price tag. It’s always wise to set a budget any time you’re shopping for a recliner and ensure that it lies within your means.

Best Oversized Recliners Reviews

Signature Design by Ashley – Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner

If you’re searching for a premium big man recliner, this is the right choice. The Signature Design by Ashley – Ludden Contemporary Rocker Recliner is covered with a soft chenille upholstery fabric that’s comfortable and soft to touch. It has luxurious pillow-top arms that keep your arms comfortable when relaxing on the incliner.

This oversized recliner comes with high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in a thick poly fiber that offers additional support. The puckered stitching combines style and comfort, giving it an appealing design.


  • Soft chenille upholstery fabric
  • Divided-back cushioning
  • Puckered stitching


  • Metal reinforced seats
  • Sturdy and durable footrests
  • Corned-blocked frames
  • One-touch reclining motion


  • Its durability is questionable

Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat

Are you looking for a quality recliner with sufficient capacity to cuddle with your better half? The Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat will be a perfect fit. It comes with an attractive design that’s easy on the eyes and has high levels of comfort to help you beat your stress-filled evenings.

This fantastic recliner comes with a high weight capacity of 300 pounds that’s ideal for any big guy.

This recliner has a distinct look and contemporary design that looks great in your space. It comes complete with a soft bonded leather upholstery with an amazing matte finish that adds a touch of class to your room.


  • Leather upholstery
  • Leather fabric cover
  • 22” wide seat
  • Non-stick surface


  • Ultra-soft fabrics
  • Easy to assemble
  • Appealing design
  • Simple recline mechanism


  • Faux leather is not durable

Christopher Knight Home Calliope Buttoned Fabric Reclining Loveseat

The Christopher Knight Home Calliope Buttoned Fabric Reclining Loveseat comes with a button-tufted back and subtle piping throughout, giving it a modern and clean look. This oversized recliner is an excellent addition to any space in your house. This recliner has plenty of seating area and looks fashionable. With this chair, you’ll fit comfortably without any hassle. Additionally, it feels super comfortable against your back.


  • 100% polyester
  • 18.75” seat height


  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough for two people
  • The fabric is nice
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some users complain that it is uncomfortable

Signature Design by Ashley – Austere Contemporary Faux Leather Oversized Zero Wall Power Recliner

The Austere Contemporary Faux Leather Oversized Zero Wall Power Recliner is a perfect seat for big guys to snuggle up on movie nights. It comes with thick armrests that offer maximum comfort. The back of a chair is very firm and has a strong design with reinforced metal in the footrest and seat to ensure lasting comfort every time you sit down. Additionally, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a power cord that makes it easy to assemble.


  • Faux leather material
  • 2 color options
  • Polyester upholstery


  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • It comes with a modern design
  • High-resiliency foam cushions
  • Well made and comfortable
  • Straight and uniform stitching
  • Wide seat


  • The upholstery is not very durable

Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber 2-Seater Recliner

If you’re a big guy struggling to get a recliner for heavyweight guys that suit you, this chair is specially designed for you. The Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber 2-Seater Recliner is perfect for your living room. It comes with a charming design that adds a touch of elegance to your home décor, giving you the comfort level you’ve been yearning for. Additionally, it is easy to clean and wipe off any spills.


  • Plush cushions
  • Microfiber material
  • Plastic legs


  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful slate
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lacks neck support
  • The footrest seems a bit flimsy


All the best oversized recliners reviewed above are made of top-notch materials and are designed with big guys in mind. If you’re looking for a quality recliner for big and tall guys, you should find something worth in this article.

However, before making a purchase ensure that you compare each review to ensure that you get something that suits your needs. Good luck!

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