What are the Best Heavy Duty SUP Boards for Big Guys?

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What are the best stand up paddle boards for big guys? From ads and mainstream media, it is easy to think that SUP boarding is for models and sculpted guys. But SUP boarding can be done by anyone even without extra athleticism. 

The idea of racing, fishing, calm cruising, whitewater navigation, or yoga with a SUP board is as fabulous as it sounds. And we have stand up paddle boards for big guys (300+ lbs) in the market.

However, there are some factors to consider while shopping (more on this later). Excellent specs are the difference between having fun and becoming frustrated.

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Read on to get the expert opinion about the best SUP board for heavy guys.

Types of Stand Up Paddle Boards

Surf SUP boards

As the name suggests, this board is designed for surfing. They are shorter, curvier, with a narrower tail and nose than other types. This small design gives you better maneuverability on waves.

In the surf, they are superb, but they are less stable and slower on calmer waters. Also, you won’t be able to move on a straight line.

Flatwater SUP boards

These SUP boards are great for calm waters, open oceans, and ‘downwinders’ (navigating in the same direction as the wind). They have longer designs, pointy noses, and rounded sides that slice through the water for speed and glide.

Beginners should start with wider flatwater SUP boards. Thinner ones aren’t easy, to begin with since they are made for racing among pros.

Allround SUP Boards 

These hybrid boards are longer, wider, and thicker than the surf-specific type. Allround boards give bigger guys a better chance of experiencing the full fun of this watersport.

Allround stand up paddleboards are quite versatile. They are equally excellent on open water excursions as they are on surf performance. 

You can also opt for one that allows windsurfing.

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Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Cardio Workout

The sport may not need extra-toned guys, but you should be ready to expend some energy. You can also take the workout a notch higher by racing, using a bigger blade, or paddling faster. Having a set SUPing routine will enhance your cardio fitness.

Stress Reliever 

Solo paddling on an open ocean may offer the much needed tranquil away from your troubles. However, it may be more fun if you go with friends or family.

Water has a specific inexplicable soothing effect. The fresh air, the orchestrated paddling rhythm, the scenery, and wildlife boost endorphins and serotonin production-this means a happy you.

Gentler Exercise

If you are on the plus side, exercises like weightlifting or lengthy jogging routines are strenuous. Few sports beat paddling if you want to ease into fitness slowly.

SUPing is gentler on your body. You only need to stand, balance, and paddle (at your own pace). Also, you steer away from the judgmental stares at the gym or while jogging in your neighborhood.

Also, stand up paddling is a full-body workout from the neck downwards.

Vitamin D Benefits 

A little excursion outside may give you the much-needed vitamin from the sun.

Next, let’s look at factors to consider for the perfect heavy duty SUP board.

How Do You Choose The Best SUP Board For Heavy Guys?

Solid Vs. Inflatable

Solid SUP boards come in several materials: fiberglass and epoxy, carbon, plastic, or wooden components.

Fiberglass is cheaper, lighter, and durable. Carbon is lightweight and stiffer, but it’s more costly.

Plastic, on the other hand, is cheap, but it is bulkier, and it doesn’t offer a memorable paddling experience when compared with other materials.

Solid boards provide more stability since they sink lower. A heavy rider glides more smoothly and faster with minimum effort. Being rigid, they can easily be customized to accommodate various body categories.

Inflatable SUP boards are superb if you are traveling, or when your storage space is limited. Their compactness when deflated makes it easy to stow in closets, trunks, or a bag while hiking.

Whitewater SUPing with an inflatable board also offers greater performances and flexibility. They also provide higher resistance against rocks and logs.

Yoga enthusiasts also prefer these boards.

SUP Hull Type

The body (hull) of any paddleboard determines its efficiency on the water. Most manufacturers go either for the planing hull or the displacement hull. Others have found a design that blends these two types.

The Planing Hull has a wide and flat body. It has a surfboard-like design that facilitates floatability and easier control.

They are great for surfing, leisure excursions, whitewater, and SUP yoga.

The Displacement Hull has a pointy bow or nose. This pointed make helps the board to slice through water for a faster and smoother ride. They are suitable for open waters because they move on a straight line for long distances.

This design is excellent for fitness paddling, racing, and SUPS excursions.

However, you will have to sacrifice maneuverability.

Board Volume and Weight Capacity

Your board must displace a specific amount of water to be able to sustain your weight. The board volume determines your stability and navigation. The length, width, and thickness of your paddle board will determine this volume.

Manufacturers indicate the volume of their boards in Liters (L) and the weight it can handle in pounds (lbs).

The hull type also influences the board’s weight capacity. Planing hulls are incredibly versatile.  

Displacement hulls aren’t as forgiving. Designers do a lot of calculations to determine the max weight and position for a smooth ride. If you weigh more than the given weight, it sinks lower, slowing your pace. If you weigh less, the board floats higher, and you will lose stability and control.

Remember to factor in the extra weight you will be carrying such as bags or water.

  • Length 

Longer boards are made for speedsters and long-distant paddling, while shorter boards are made with maneuverability in mind. Medium boards are multipurpose and great for yoga.

Of course, you further have to think about your car, your storage, distance to the sea, and your weight when choosing the length. Longer ones will have higher capacities, but they aren’t easy to carry, especially when walking against the wind.

  • Width

SUP boards’ width range from 25-36 inches. Beginners should go for wider boards that are more stable than thinner ones. You will just have to forgo speed when beginning.

Your height also matters. It is more difficult and awkward to paddle on a very wide board if you are short.

  • Thickness

There is one rule of thumb here: thicker boards displace more water, which in turn supports more weight. If you are big, go for more thickness.

  • Paddles

The size and shape of paddles and paddle blades influence your paddling exploration. Excellent materials for the shaft of the paddle include carbon and Kevlar since they are stiffer.

Aluminum shafts are heavier for beginners while glass fiber shafts bend when paddling reducing the power.

Paddle blades shape and size are also vital. Smaller blades are suitable for beginners or surfers.

For a newbie, your shoulders tire the more you paddle with bigger blades.

The length of the paddle also matters. Surf SUP paddles should be 6-8 inches over your head, Flatwater paddles (8-10 inches), and Racing SUP paddles (10-12 inches higher than the rider).

Longer paddles provide more power and reach for greater speeds.

  • Cost and Aesthetics

The board’s price and beauty should come after considering other factors. Costlier SUP boards have extra accessories like bungee straps, personal floatation devices (PFD), fishing rod holders, specialized apparel, board fins, racks, etc.

So, which SUP boards meet these specifications in the present market?

Top Stand Up Paddle Boards For Big Guys Reviews

TOWER Inflatable 10’4” SUP Board (6 Inches Thick)

With its Universal SUP Wide Stancedimensions, the Tower Board offers stability for heavy adults. It also fitted with a single detachable fin to increase speed, control, and handling. This board can be used for people of all ages.

Its durable PVC and the non-slip upper deck are superb for both experts and newbies. You will also have extra accessories like the 3PC Fiberglass paddle, a handhold strap, among others.


  • Wide SUP Design.
  • Inflatable.
  • All-inclusive Paddle Board Accessories.
  • High-quality PVC material and top deck design.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


  • Excellent for heavy people.
  • Maneuverable. 
  • Portable.
  • Excellent for whitewater boarding.
  • Fits every rider category.


  • Inflatable SUP boards aren’t suited for certain types of paddling.

TOWER Xplorer 14’ Stand up Paddle Boards for Big Guys

TOWER is a renowned manufacturer when it comes to inflatable boards. If you like speed, touring, and racing, look no further.

The Xplorer can accommodate up to 800 pounds thanks to its incredible PSI of 10-11, its width, length, and extra thickness.

The paddle board for heavy person is designed for travel since it folds like a sleeping bag.


  • Length: 14’
  • Width: 32”
  • Thickness: 8”
  • High-pressure pump.
  • 3 PC paddles.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Excellent for long-distant excursions.
  • Fast.
  • Impressive weight capacity of 800 lbs.


  • Warranty doesn’t cover accessories such as paddles.

iROCKER All-Round Inflatable SUP Board 

Versatile and sturdy, this SUP board can be used for whitewater or surf. They have a wider design for stability, but the body’s shape provides the much-needed speed. It looks like a hard SUP board but without the extra heaviness (weighs half as much).

The iROCKER also comes with a durable bag and topnotch fiberglass paddles that are reinforced with rubber. The paddles come in three detachable pieces for portability.


  • Length: 11’
  • Width: 32’
  • Thickness: 6’
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs
  • 37 oz Hand Pump.
  • Backpack and extra accessories.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • It’s an all-round board.
  • Durable materials for whitewater.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Fast.


  • The iROCKER carries lesser weight when compared to the Xplorer.

Closing Remarks

What are the Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Big Guys

Stand up paddle boarding for heavy guys can be equally thrilling. It just boils down to one thing: finding the perfect stand up paddle boards for big guys. There are factors you should consider to determine the weight capacity. Nail this, and you will experience the tranquil water has to offer.

Find a dependable and reputable distributor, and you will get the perfect type, brand, and instructions for all categories of SUP boarding.

Happy Shopping!