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Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Overweight Riders (2024)

Riding a bike does not have to be an unsettling experience because you are overweight. After grappling with different issues when riding my bike, I researched and got solutions in the form of comfortable bike seats.

I have spent countless hours doing the hard work for you and finally settled on the 5 most comfortable bike seats for overweight people.

Bike SeatMaterialSizePrice
Domain Cycling Premium Bike Gel SeatSilicone Gel & Lycra10.5″ x 7″View
Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike SeatFaux Leather10.2″ x 10.2″View
DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike SeatFoam & PVC leather11″ x 8.7″View
provelo Most Comfortable Bike SeatFoam & leather10.5″ x 8″View
YLG Oversized Comfort Bike SeatLeather, Memory foam12.2″ x 14.2″View
LINGMAI Comfortable Bike SeatMemory foam10.2″ x 10.2″View
Sportneer Wide Bike SeatMemory Foam11.02″ x 8.27″View
TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle SeatFaux Leather, Gel11.8″ x 10.4″View
BLUEWIND Oversized Bike SeatFoam, Faux Leather10.6″×10.2″View
IPOW Comfort Bike SeatFoam, Faux Leather, Rubber9.8″ x 7.5″View

Before we look at them, let us first delve into some highly important information that will help you make the right choice when in the market for one:

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Most Comfortable Saddle for Big Riders Reviews

The bike seat is the most important part of any bike. It is the only thing that your entire weight is resting on.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t really matter what bike seat they use because they will only ride it for a short time.

The problem with this thinking is that your butt does not agree with the logic of this. If you ride your bike for any significant amount of time your butt will quickly get sore and you will not like the experience.

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best comfortable bike seats for overweight people:

Domain Cycling Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover

This pink colored seat cover is designed by Domain Cycling. Fox 5 News in New York featured it recently for a charity event sponsored by the company. The seat is mostly used at spin class. Domain Cycling donates to charity a portion of its proceeds.

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The plus-size bike seat is designed for both indoor cycling and spinning outdoors. The bike seat measures 10.5 inches long and 7 inches wide. It is pink in color.

With its pink color, it will certainly grab your attention. It is made from a combination of stretchy Lycra and soft silicone gel which guarantees a soft feel without being bulky.

The material selected by Domain Cycling to make the seat is top quality. It is equipped with a non-slip underside and it will help keep the seat in place. It stays in place and does not move as you cycle as it is designed to conform to your seat shape.


  • Pink color
  • Soft silicone gel
  • Stretchy Lycra
  • Non-slip


  • Comfortable ride for heavy riders
  • Its quality is premium
  • Utmost stability


  • It is not designed to fit wide seats. Measure your seat carefully before you purchase.

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Over-Sized Comfort Bike Seat

This is the most comfortable replacement bicycle saddle. it is safety certified.

The plus-size bike seat is designed by Bikeroo. It brings with it thick and soft padding that cushions your spine from the bumps on the road as you cycle. It is recommended for both stationery and outdoor use.

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Another great highlight is the fact that it has a great ergonomic design. The thick seat padding and double spring suspension distribute your weight and relieve pressure from your back.

The best bike seat for an overweight person will not get soggy if it contacts water as it comes with a waterproof cover. It comes with a set of tools for easier seat mounting.

It can be used on all kinds of bikes because it is a universal fit.


  • Safety certified
  • Waterproof seat cover
  • Extra padding for a comfortable ride
  • Universal fit
  • Double spring suspension


  • Highly comfortable
  • Refundable (If you are not satisfied with it, your money will be refunded)
  • Affordable (It costs almost half the price of other similar bike seats and offers much more)
  • The comfortable bike saddle guarantees even distribution of body weight


  • It is tougher for seniors to break it in if they are not frequent riders

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DAWAY Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat

This is a DAWAY Twinkle series c99. It is great for that casual rider. The bike seat is designed with the Green commuter in mind.

Its ergonomic design allows for free movement and less thigh friction. It has been personalized for riders with diverse needs such as weight.

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This product has a waterproof tail light with three lighting modes suitable for night riding. It is a Universal fir and can fit all kinds of bikes.

The seat has a double spring rubber ball suspension. It is made with PVC leather which is great for the outdoors as it is waterproof.

Its hollow breathable design allows for air circulation and is great for long-distance as it reduces sweating.


  • The leather saddles have an ergonomic design
  • Waterproof trail light
  • Three lighting modes
  • Universal fit


  • Its seat rail clamp can be adjusted to fit almost any bike either for men, women, and kids.
  • Its inbuilt tail light solves your light buying problem.
  • Its slim design protects the thighs from pain caused by friction.
  • It comes with aftersales service valid for one year after purchase.


  • It is a bit hard and can cause discomfort to the private parts area as its shape forces the groin into the front.

PROVELO Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men and Women

It is 10.5 inches in length and 8 inches in width and weighs 1.8 pounds. It has a superior ergonomic design for better support and comfort.

The seat has a protective cover that protects it from both water and dust. it is made of elastic and soft PVC leather that is very comfortable.

Check Price on Amazon

A great attribute about this seat is the fact that it has a shockproof suspension that offers support and cushions your spine on bumpy rides. Its built-in tail light has 6 lighting modes. It is rechargeable and is LED and can be charged with a USB cable as it comes with a port.

The seat’s memory foam ensures that it conforms to your body’s shape for better support. The extra-large bike seat has an adjustable seat angle and works well in either pro riding, regular or upright positions.

The materials of these bike seats for big bottoms are superior PVC leather and resist wear and tear.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft PVC leather saddles
  • Shockproof suspension
  • Six lighting modes


  • It does not offer you the service you wanted it has a 100 percent guarantee of refund or replacement.
  • The comfortable seat comes with an adaptor that makes it compatible with almost all kinds of bikes.
  • Its package is inclusive of the storage bag, USB charger, and mounting tool.


  • The mounting bars that come with the seat are of a soft material. They can bend after some riding and can tip the rider back into the rear wheel.

Bell Comfort Bike Seats

It is a bell comfort 820 soft tech seat model. The seat weighs an average of 1.15 pounds. Its 2-inch soft tech layer is ideal for heavier individuals. Its suspension has a soft ride elastomer.

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It conforms to your body shape to relieve pressure. It is made of chiffon material and is quite sleek.

It does not have a storage compartment like the 7070551 models. It is 275mm long and 215 mm wide. It offers a stable and smooth ride whether you are outdoors or indoors.

It has seat rails for suspension. Its padding is premium and ultra-soft. It has a comfort channel that reduces pressure. It has a comfortable and wide design. Its comfort channel is ergonomic and relieves pressure.


  • It has a sleek futuristic look.
  • It comes with a clamp.
  • It fits most bikes on the market.


  • It does not come with a tail light for night riding.


Can you ride a bike if you are overweight?

Yes, you can ride a bike when you are overweight. In fact, cycling is recommended to help you lose some of your height. The only catch is you go for a bike that can hold your weight and a bike saddle that will be comfortable for your weight.

How heavy is too heavy to ride a bike?

You can never be too heavy to ride a bike. Riding is a great way to stay physically active and burn some calories. But before you head out, you need to know the weight capacity of the bike – what weight can the bike hold comfortably.

What is the best bike seat for an obese person?

The best bike seat for an obese person is the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat. The wide soft padded bike saddle will give you the comfort you deserve when cycling. Features extra padding and dual steel spring suspension – just what you need in a saddle

What is the most comfortable ladies’ bike saddle?

The most comfortable saddle for a ladies’ bike is the DAWAY C99 Comfortable Women Bike Seat. Enjoy a healthy & happy long-distance riding thanks to the saddle’s ergonomic, extra padding, dual spring and hollow breathable design.

Best Saddle Buying Guide

If you’re an overweight rider or you just have a big behind, finding a bike seat that’s comfortable for you can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, there are plenty of bigger bike seats made to fit larger riders comfortably. By choosing a seat that’s the right size for you, you’ll be able to ride longer, more comfortably, and with less chance of getting saddle sore.

The best bike seats for overweight riders are usually large, comfortable, and padded. Some bike seats actually have a removable foam insert, so you can choose the thickness that’s right for you.

Finding the most comfortable bike seat in the world for an overweight person can be challenging if you do not have a criterion to help you navigate the countless choices available.

Before you go out and buy a seat for your bike, read this guide first to learn about the most comfortable and safe bike seats for overweight riders.

Here are the factors to consider when shopping for the best comfortable bike seats for overweight riders:


Saddles that lack a groove or recession are ideal for female riders that might not need as much ventilation and space as men when riding. As a man, a recessed seat is necessary to allow for comfort and ventilation.

Seats that feature a groove were initially considered the best by many. However, in today’s most bikes, the friction between the seat and sensitive areas is reduced.

As a man, when you ride for longer distances, you apply pressure on your anatomy. This can bring about pain and soreness.

If you are grappling with a prostate condition, a nose-less might be the most appropriate.

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As you ride your bike, your thighs will always rub against the bike’s saddle especially when riding for extended periods. To be on the safe side, it is prudent to reduce the contact point as much as you can.

One thing about overweight riders is the fact that they have a smaller thigh gap that makes friction such a serious issue. For this reason, it is prudent to settle for saddles that feature a narrow nose.

By doing this, you make sure that the friction between the seat and thighs is significantly reduced if not entirely.

Another important thing to be aware of is that riding results in constant motions. This turns out to be harder and harder when having an intense workout. The nightmare gets worse is you have not put on the appropriate attire that is handy at softening the friction between the saddle and thighs.

Most narrow noses come with a seat that features a smaller base. These are uncomfortable saddles because they affect the pressure when you are seated.

It is prudent to consider both at the same time for you to hit the best compromise. Note that some seats do not have noses.

Base Width

Your overall comfort as a rider is determined by the saddle’s base. The base is responsible for handling pressure from the butt bones and supporting the entire body. The more pressure applied, the more uncomfortable the bike’s seat will be.

Wider saddles tend to offer more surface area thus offering more comfort to the user. This can also affect the nose meaning that your seat should not be too wide lest cycling will turn out to be such a struggle.

For the best compromise, consider getting an excellent saddle base while at the same time getting a reasonably, narrow enough nose for purposes of cycling.

Settle for a bike with a great base to allow the body to spread as much bodyweight across as possible. This will go miles in mitigating soreness even after riding for extended periods.


Even with a top-notch saddle, pricing must be reasonable. Most of the expensive ones feature features that the affordable ones lack. The choice is yours to make.

However, of great importance to note is the fact that the pricey ones might not be the ideal choice for you. On the flip-side, cheap ones might even be worse.

The rule of thumb is to always know the exact feature that you desire on your bike. Moderately priced saddles boast similar qualities as the costlier ones.


The type of suspension of a bike determines a rider’s overall comfort. What kind of suspension does your prospective bike have under its seat? With the right kind of suspension, your choice of bike should be able to absorb your body’s impact particularly when you are riding on rough trails.

In most cases, suspensions are made of movable springs. These allow the bike’s seat to level up when you seat on it.

Some bike saddles feature suspensions while others lack. It all depends on the bike’s stock saddle. The higher the quality of the suspension, the better its saddle will be.


A seat’s mounting procedure is one of the most important considerations you need to make. The kind of mounting your seat has must be in sync with the bike. Avoid those with unnecessary customizations.

These might cost you hundreds of dollars on installation. They might also damage the current bike mount.

Luckily, many bike seats are manufactured in such a way that they can accommodate almost all bikes in the market.

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Final Words

As a plus-size person, the most comfortable bike is the one that gives you riding pleasure without any pain or soreness. Thousands and thousands of bike seats for overweight people exist in the market today. Learning how to separate the wheat from the chuff is necessary if you are to stand any chance of landing the best of the best.

If you are shopping for a top-rated bike seat for plus-size people, feel free to choose from any of our above choices.

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