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Best Scooters for Big Guys Reviews 2024

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The market is saturated with scooters. And scooters have a myriad of benefits both to the owner and the ever-degrading environment. But most scooters seem to be made withmedium-sized bodies in mind. The average scooter supports shorter guys with about 170 pounds (77 kg).

What happens if you are on the other side of the scale and height?

Don’t worry.     

Luckily, manufacturers are innovating scooters that fit riders who are on the heavier side. The mean weight of people in the US and across the globe is increasing by the day. Given that the average weight is 200 pounds (90 kg), there is an increasing need to make scooters that fit every weight category.

ScooterWeight CapacityBrandPrice
Xootr Mg Teen Adult Kick Scooter800 lbsXootrView
Adult Scooters with Big Wheels300 lbsZCM-ScooterView
Xootr Cruz Teen/Adult Kick Scooter800 lbsXootrView
LXLA – Adult Kick Scooter with Disc Handbrake330 lbsLXLAView
SWAGTRON App-Enabled Swagger 5320 lbsSWAGTRONView
Dualtron 3 High-Speed Electric E Scooter310 lbsDualtronView

Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults Reviewed

WOLF WARRIOR 11- Maximum Off-Road Speed & Acceleration

This beast for heavy guys comes in two categories: off-road wheels and normal road tires. With a top speed of 50 mph, this scooter can go for 70 miles non-stop (It has a 35Ah LG battery).

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Its upturned hydraulic front shock-absorbers are boosted by a posterior spring brake to enable navigation on any terrain. The Wolf Warrior can also handle a 30% elevation with ease. This is enabled by the 1200W motors coupled with two 40A controllers that give a maximum of 5400W.

Safety is also satisfied by two hydraulic brakes. Its ABS provides further braking power- it is optional. This scooter has two front LEDs, and rear and side LEDs for night riders

It charges quite fast and lasts for about 8 hours.

However, this scooter is foldable for easier travel.


  • Measures: 49.2×24.6×49.2 inches.
  • Folded Measures: 59x11x19 inches.
  • Two-wheel drive.
  • Weight: 101 pounds (45 kg).
  • 11 inches tubeless tire.
  • Mini monitors display.
  • Top speed of 50 mph.



  • Relatively heavier.
  • Expensive.
  • The handlebar may be lower for taller riders.

WIDE WHEEL PRO- Unique Design & Dual Motor Power

The WideWheel is the embodiment of scooter for heavy riders: bigger tires, greater display, bigger battery, dual brakes, and topnotch design.

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The heavy duty scooters for adults are great for uphill navigation with the two 500W motors. These deliver substantial acceleration and torque for up to 30% elevation. With a top speed of 26 mph, the vehicle can go for about 22 miles thanks to its 48V 15 Ah battery.

The display is modern to enable effortless gear selection, cruise controls, speed, voltage, and mileage reading.

The best kick scooters for heavy adults come in two categories: the CLE Edition and the Standard Version.


  • The kick scooter for heavy person has automatic controls.
  • Large wheels.
  • Powerful torque.
  • Long-distance travel.
  • Spring suspensions.


  • Comfortable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • High quality.
  • The scooter for fat guy has a safe braking system.
  • Up-to-date controls.
  • Off-road abilities.


  • Slower than Wolf Warrior.
  • Relatively shorter battery life.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

This brand has evolved over the years to an all-encompassing machine. It has top-of-the-shelf 5400W motors that propel it over most terrains.

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The electric scooter for big guys has ABS braking system, modifiable suspensions, and a long-lasting battery, and you have the perfect machine for big guys.


  • Battery with 60V (35 Ah).
  • Charge time: 5.3 hours with supercharger.
  • Maximum distance: 75 miles.
  • Elevation: 25-47% depending on your weight.
  • Maximum speed: 50 mph.
  • Weight: 95 pounds (43 kg).
  • The electric scooter for fat guys has a maximum weight carriage of 265 pounds (120 kg).


  • Top speed.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Excellent safety standards.
  • Durable.
  • Hill climbing tech.


  • Relatively heavier.

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Read on to find the expert opinion on scooters for big guys.

Types of Scooters

Kick Scooter

The kick scooter is the most comfortable option in the market. Not only are they fun, but they also provide you with an opportunity to test your kick power. They are cheaper than other scooters. However, you won’t be riding them in busy streets (it is illegal).

The make of these bikes is pretty basic. They don’t have the relative sophistication that comes with mopeds and electric scooters. You ride as hard as you can kick (while standing).

These are scooters that won’t dent your pockets. The price range starts at $75.

Electric Scooters

Being the most popular scooter in the market, this type of bike has changed over the years. If you need a scooter for big guys, it is the best place to look. Electric scooters are so diverse that it becomes difficult to categorize any one of them as the ‘best’ or ‘leading.’

There are factors you have to keep in mind when going for an electric scooter. Do you want to sit or stand? What storage space do you have, and how far do you need to travel?

There are foldable scooters for city dwellers with minimal storage space. Heavy-duty scooters go for about 10-35 miles on a single charge.

Electric scooters go for about $400 to $5,000 depending on what you desire.

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Mopeds were the go-to-vehicles before scooters became popular. They have been in the market for years, and brands like Suzuki and Honda have reigned for years.

They have certain advantages over electric scooters. The obvious benefit is the lack of limited mileage. Also, if you are a speedster, go for a moped. A moped goes at about 40 mph. It is not Dodge Tomahawk-fast (350 mph), but it is twice as fast as electric scooters (10-20 mph).

Unlike kick scooters, mopeds are street legal. They come with indicators, taillights and headlights, robust tires, comfy seats, music, and digital odometers.

With mopeds, you will have to forgo some benefits of electric scooters. First, mopeds aren’t foldable. They also use gas, which means you have to do regular checkups like in motorcycles or any vehicle. Also, if you are environmentally conscious, you won’t find them appealing.

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Why Should You Buy A Heavy Duty Scooter?


Scooters are lightweight. It is easy to store them and travel with them. It means you can go with a scooter on public transport or vacations. 

Family Fun Time

There is nothing as exciting as a family activity that you can do together. And scooters provide a great way to spend time as a family. Kick scooters, for instance, cut across all ages. As long as your kid can balance, they can have a scooter.

Improving Your Motor Skills

Scooters offer an opportunity to learn body balance. Being on the heavy side isn’t easy. Before you go riding a bike, for example, you can start with a scooter for stability.


Some scooters may not offer physical exertions, but kick scooters for heavy adults do. You can build strength and resilience in your legs and arms with such scooters. If your BMI index is on the plus side, a scooter may help you burn extra calories.

Environmental Friendliness

Scooters provide an excellent way to go around without affecting dear-mother-nature. Apart from mopeds, the other types of scooters don’t affect the environment. They also offer a cheaper transport alternative.

Outdoor Travels

An outdoor excursion may offer the much-needed rejuvenation. If you want to enjoy the outdoor breeze and sun, look no further.

Physicians also believe an occasional outdoor fun may improve your mental health.

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Scooters for Big Guys Buying Guide


Most scooters seem marvelous on the selling sites, but they may fail to offer enough comfort for larger people. For convenience, you will first need a firm and adjustable seat. Softer seats only look great on paper, but they do not offer that comfort that riders need.

Look for scooters that can navigate corners without knocking your knees. Are you 6’4” and over? The normal ones won’t be comfortable when turning. Also, consider a vertical handlebar and topnotch suspensions to boot.

Electric scooters with big wheels are a blessing for heavy riders. You wouldn’t want the awkwardness of being stuck in potholes in public. A scooter with large wheels without suspension is better than one with small wheels with suspension.

Storage Space

You should go for foldable scooters if you have smaller storage space (one that you can put under your work desk). Putting it in your car for road trips should be easy. Also, if you are planning to have them for every family member, space is important.

Fuel Economy

It beats logic to have a gas-expensive scooter. Scooters should offer better efficiency than a bike but a cheaper fuel alternative when compared to other vehicles.

Electric scooters should be easy to charge and have a longer mile range.


Your safety is paramount. Check every spec to make sure that the scooter for big guys can really handle your weight and height. Learn every safety feature of your vehicle.

Are you planning to ride it about town, long-distance, or a fun ride downhill? Headlights and taillights are crucial for street navigations. Also, you need functional brakes, horsepower, fluid levels, indicators, or shift-free makes.


If you don’t live in urban areas, you should go for scooters that can handle tough terrain. Air-filled tires are quite adept for rougher terrains.

The terrain and your weight also determine your speed. The quoted speed for most bikes is for a rider with 70 kg. But does anyone go for a scooter for its speed? Plus, it is more efficient in urban areas where cars (7 mph) and walking (4 mph) are slower means.

Brand And Quality

Most scooters are Chinese products. China is associated with low-quality products, but they also produce great products- iPhones. Opting for reputable brands rarely goes wrong.

A reasonable warranty should also accompany reliability.


Noise aversion is a requirement for some buyers. Some scooters make irritating and whistling sounds that won’t fit your preferences. Search for a vehicle with lower decibels.

Cost and Aesthetics

Are you looking for a scooter under $200? At the end of the day, you must have something that fits your budget.

Beauty and cost are vital. But don’t consider these factors before considering the abovementioned factors. Functionality in heavy-duty scooters should be considered first.

Also, go for one with extra accessories: phone holder, lock, puncture protection tech, lights, helmet, etc.

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With these factors in mind, what are the best scooters in the present market?

Closing Remarks

Sick of being a slave to your car, spending hours every week wasted behind the wheel, hunting for a parking spot, stuck in traffic, and paying high gas prices? If so, you’re not alone. A growing number of Americans are making the switch to scooters in order to save money and have more fun, including a lot of big guys.

Shopping for scooters for big guys shouldn’t be a hustle. You should consider the brand, comfort, gas economy, cruising speed, corner navigation (shouldn’t hit your knees), maximum load weight, and aesthetics.

When buying a heavy-duty scooter, you should aim for reliability and durability.

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