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Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys (2024)

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After a busy day of fun and adventure, the best way to rewind is to slip into your sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep.

Next morning, you wake up fresh, bubbling with energy, and raring to go!

If you’re tall, finding the best sleeping bags for big guys isn’t always easy. You don’t want to have to fold yourself into a contortionist position in order to fit into a bag, nor do you want to have to buy one of those mummy bags that is so tight you can’t move around in it. You want a bag that is as big as you are!

Sleeping bags for big guys are roomy, have a superior design, robust construction, and generally provide increased warmth and comfort even in punishing wilderness conditions.

Sleeping BagSizeClosure TypePrice
TETON Sports TrailHead32″W x 87″LDrawstring, ZipperView
TETON Sports LEEF34″W x 87″LZipperView
TETON Sports Tracker 534″W x 87″LZipperView
Coleman Big Basin39″W x 92″LZipperView

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Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys Reviews

Sleeping bags for big guys is a very important topic, especially for those who are overweight and +3XL tall. Luckily, there are many awesome sleeping bag options out there on the market for really big and tall guys.

ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak +20 Double Sleeping Bag

If you prefer sleeping with a friend or spouse when outdoors, then you may not need to look beyond the ALPS mountaineering double wide sleeping bag.

Buy on amazon.com

Measuring 68 inches wide, this sleeping bag fits two people with each person having enough room to toss and turn.

The bag is made of nylon outers so it’s water resistant while on the inside, you will be welcomed by a homely microfiber liner.

That’s not all:

The 2 pockets help you store your personal essentials such as a phone closer  to you while the accompanying carrying sack comes in very handy when migrating to a new location.

And ooh, you can separate it into two individual bags if the situation demands!


  • Tech Loft+ Insulation
  • Two Layer Construction
  • Temperature rating: 20º F
  • Extras: Two Zippered Pockets, Compression Stuff Sack
  • Size : 68″x80″


  • The bag feels pretty solid.
  • The fleece liner keeps you warm.
  • It provides a lot of room to wriggle around.
  • The sleep bag has very good zippers.
  • It comes with a nice bag.


  • It’s a bit cumbersome to pack.

Coleman Alabaster Sleeping Bag

Thanks to the polyester-flannel liner, the Coleman alabaster wide sleeping bag is one of the most comfortable sleeping bags.

Buy on amazon.com

It’s a king-sized bag (39″x79″) and easily fits individuals measuring 6’2″ tall.

You will also enjoy exceptional warmth from the enhanced Thermotech insulation down to 30º F. while the bag’s innovative no-tying storage system makes packing it a breeze.

Then, unlike some of the traditional sleeping bags, you can quickly clean it using your commercial washing machine.

Even though it’s not that airy, this sleeping bag offers much more than what you get from ordinary sleeping bags.


  • Size :39″x79″
  • ThermoTech insulation
  • Temperature rating: 30º F
  • Polyester-flannel liner
  • Commercial machine-washable


  • The bag is very snug.
  • It keeps you warm even in freezing conditions.
  • The zipper works well.
  • This sleeping bag is very spacious.
  • You can zip two together to sleep with a friend


  • The bag isn’t very breathable.

Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

To survive  super-low temperatures, you need a sleeping bag that can warm you much faster.

Buy on amazon.com

Additionally, your bag should trap enough heat to keep you comfortable the whole night.

That’s precisely what the Coleman’s tall adult sleeping bag does; traps heat and eliminates heat loss.

Long enough to fit guys 6 feet x 6 inches tall, the bag mixes the warmth trapping qualities of a top-rated mummy-shaped big man bag with the excess space of a premium rectangular bag.

A plethora of features creates a super warm environment: the hood, a thermolock draft tube, and the cold-spots eliminating quilting construction.

You can aerate it too when it’s warmer by adjusting the hood or opening the zipper.

And it’s really a very good bag.


  • Polyester insulation
  • Temperature rating: 0º F
  • Extras: Adjustable hood
  • special quilting construction
  • Size : 39″ x 92″
  • fleece-lined footbox


  • It’s one of the best cold weather camping bags.
  • The two-way zipper helps it breathe.
  • The polyester materials resist wear and tear.
  • It’s longer and great for tall big guys.
  • It has an adjustable hood.


  • The zippers sometimes break easily.
  • Not easy to pack.

Advantages of Buying Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

  • They are Bigger

The x large sleeping bags have an elongated build and can comfortably accommodate most extra-large and taller people.

  • Very comfortable

You will also notice that most sleeping bags for tall guys have soft liners and some level of insulation making your sleeping time away from home a warm, cozy experience.

  • Higher quality

But for a few exceptions, large sleeping bags are made of higher quality materials. They’re more durable than medium and lower-grade and other non-specialized sleeping bags.

Disadvantages of Buying Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

  • Price

You have to be ready top dollar for a number of these extra-wide down sleeping bags models. You still can buy affordable sleeping bags that are under $100. (You can view some of the bags and prices here)

  • Some are Bulky

Because of the higher grade materials, insulation, liners, and the sometimes double layer construction, some big sleeping bags are rather bulky and packing them into a backpack takes some effort.

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Types of Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag for big guys are available in diverse styles and shapes:

  • Mummy-shaped Sleeping bags

A wide mummy sleeping bag is noticeable courtesy of a tapered shoulder and bigger hips. The design seeks to maximize warmth.

Browse top selected examples of mummy-shaped sleeping bags here (amazon.com).

  • Rectangular sleeping bag

Traditionally, sleeping bags for tall people have been rectangular in shape. You have plenty of space to toss and turn. These bags would suit you if you have lots of space indoors and for car camping.

  • Elephant’s foot sleeping bags

These are among the most lightweight sleeping bags for big guys and could be a good choice for  camping trips for hikers and minimalist backpackers.

They lack a hood so you have to wear something to keep your top half warm

  • Double Wide Big Man Sleeping Bags

As the name suggests, this type of extra-large double sleeping bag is twice as roomy and is designed to house two people.

In almost all cases, you can zip double wide plus size sleeping bag models apart to have two individual bags.

  • Barrel-shaped (semi-rectangular) tall sleeping bags

If you are a big man looking for warmth and maximum comfort, a barrel-shaped extra large sleeping bag could be an amazing option.

These models have superb insulating properties, a footbox, and a narrower shoulder.

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Browse examples and shop here.


How Big are wide sleeping bags?

From our experience, extra large sleeping bags can be massive. One brand is as much as 68″ wide and 94” tall. So, your large frame will -in most cases- fit.

Can they accommodate two people if zipped together?

First, a tall man sleeping bag such as the ALPS Mountaineering’s Twin Peak large sleeping bag is big enough to house two people. That being said, you can go for models such as Coleman’s Alabaster sleeping bag for tall people which can be zipped together to create a giant bed.

Are all the extra wide sleeping bags machine washable?

Well, a majority are. However, some can’t survive some washing machines so be sure to check the particulars on the package when purchasing.

Sleeping bag for big guys buying guide

If you are a larger person you will know that getting a good night’s sleep is impossible without a comfortable sleeping bag. It can also be very frustrating and expensive to try and find sleeping bags for big guys.

Assuming you will be going out soon, and are looking for a perfect big and tall sleeping bag, here are the features that can make all the difference:

  • Insulation Level

A tall sleeping bag can have synthetic insulation, down insulation, or goose down insulation.

So how do they compare?

The synthetic insulation type is so-called because it’s made of mostly synthetic polyester. It dries faster, is generally waterproof, lightweight, and affordable. The one downside is that synthetic insulation isn’t the most comfortable.

On the other hand, down insulation is warmer than synthetic insulation sleeping bags but will soak if it rains.

Lastly, the goose down insulation is quite impressive. From being extraordinarily warm to being very durable, sleeping bags with this type of insulation are the best sleeping bag for big guys spending the night in a freezing tent.

  • Shape And Fitting

A rectangular wide sleeping bag is more plush and great for us, big guys, who love life in the wilderness. You will also enjoy more space to.

Barrel-shaped sleeping bags are outstanding in freezing conditions because of their extra warmth.

If you like lodging in the car, where space is limited, then pick the biggest available mummy-shaped big man sleeping bag.

  • Sizing

To minimize discomforts during your shuteye, pick an elongated extra wide sleeping bag.

Thankfully, the market is teeming with some really tall big men sleeping bags and you can’t lack a practical option.

To be on the safe side, always select a big man sleeping bag which is slightly longer than your full height.

That’s the only way to ensure that you will be covered in its warmth and to secure a comfortable sleep.

  • Temperature Rating

What is the minimum temperature at which your sleeping bag will keep warm and insulated?

You should check the readings on the package:

For summer bags, the temperature rating should be from +35° while for huge winter bags, the lowest should be at – (10°). The rest (all-season bags) remain warm with the 10° to 35° range.

  • Extras and Construction

It’s to your advantage if your choice of a huge sleeping bag comes with a carrying sack or a backpack bag for easier transport. An extra-large lightweight sleeping bag with bag liners is warmer and more serene to sleep in.

Likewise, a hood is another useful feature as it helps to keep you warm during the chill.

A big sleeping bag made of durable fabric saves money as you won’t be replacing it soon. Similarly, water-resistant materials are great if you love going hiking during winter.

Some bags have handy storage pockets on the sides and other value-adding features such as pillow pockets.

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Sleeping bag for big guys will help you sleep better instead of tossing and turning the whole night when outdoors.

As we have seen, these bags are oversized, easier to get in/out off, and very welcoming for a larger person.

The biggest sleeping bag subsequently ensures that you rise with the sun refreshed and ready to have more fun in the wild.

As you can see from our reviews, there are some exceptional models out there. You just need to make sure that you factor in the issues I have highlighted and you will be game.

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