Office Chairs for 300 lb Weight Capacity

An average office guy spends about 1900 hours a year sitting on an office chair in our present 40-hours-a-week schedule. And how many times are office chairs replaced in, say, a decade? This shows that offices need office chairs for heavy guys. An ideal chair should provide ergonomic support, comfort. You should pleasantly do your … Read more

Best Support Bras for Full-Figured

Naturally, your bras should support your pair of jubblies…. Now, bra size really matters and if you’re well endowed, only the best bra for heavy breasts will work- there are no two ways about it. Interestingly, the average bust size has expanded in recent years prompting the entry of more manufacturers in the best bra for heavy breasts … Read more

What are the Best Plus Size Jackets?

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Best Plus Size Beach Chairs Reviews

This is a common question among plus size people who want to have a good time at the beach without the worry of falling off a weak beach chair or trying to fit into a rather small chair. Finding a great beach chair for a heavy person can be a daunting task since most beach … Read more

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders for Big Guys

The right equipment makes water exercises safer and easier for us, heavy persons. While there are many desirables, the above ground pool ladders for heavy people are one of the must-haves. You see, as a huge person, getting in and out of the warm, relaxing water can be such a struggle.  Imagine having to call … Read more

Shoes for Heavy Runners Reviews

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to shun regular running shoes in favor of the best shoes for heavy runners. First, while running is largely safe for most adults, studies have indicated that big-boned runners often face a higher risk of suffering running-related injuries (blame the more forceful pounding).. Secondly, there … Read more

What are the Best Shoes for Heavy Walkers?

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Best Toilet Seat for Heavy Person

For big people, the common standard toilet seats don’t cut it. Unlike the best toilet seat for heavy person, they pinch causing discomfort, feel as if they can go off balance any time, and generally make your time sitting on the throne a nightmare…. In a nutshell, typical seats and extra large toilet seats are … Read more