Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner Review

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner Review

The one size fits all no longer work for the furniture business, and manufacturers has responded by making furniture that fit a every a group of people. This is the reason why at Ashley Furniture they are looking to ensure your comfort through we have a wide range of furniture. Today, we present to you the famous Ashley Furniture Signature -hogan oversized Mocha chair.

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There are number of reasons why we encourage you to get yourself this comfy recliner chair and we have a feeling that it is just what you have been searching for, as a plus sized persons. First, this chair has an overstuffed back seat that makes you feel like you are drifting in a cloud. It also has great and wide cushions for your arms or head to rest on letting you experience at most comfort you, you deserve to relax after a long day with a hectic schedule.

The other reason as to why this chair is most suitable for the plus size people is its wide capacity, which the medium sized regular chairs don’t provide. It has the following measurement; 59” W x 44” D x 41” H, you are therefore guaranteed of plenty of space to sprawl without falling off.

It not only it feels really good to put your feet up and kick back using pull-tab reclining motion which sends you in to sleeping in a cloud-like nap, but it has medical benefits which are associated in sitting in a reclining position for some amount time every day. The therapeutic benefits the chair offers go beyond just relieving stress, and may help in alleviating some of the conditions associated in being big.

Don’t assume that’s all the chair has to offer, yet. The back side of the chair allows you to place it right against your living room wall and therefore despite its wide capacity it allows you to not occupy more space that it is required. Assume that you are sitting on this beautiful chair with your arms comfortably resting on both your sides and not slipping and you not worrying if the chair is too small for your bum as well. Ashley furniture Hogan oversized mocha chair offers just that and more…

Imagine sitting on a mountain of silky feathers with every part of your body resting on cozily. The chair is constructed with a highly sturdy corner blocked frame which is also reinforced with metal. It is made of soft microfiber that lets you enjoy the comfort and soothing sensation of polyester microfiber assembled over foam that is high resilient. This serves two purposes; one being that it will accommodate the whole of you gracefully, and the second is that it is strong enough and solid to carry you through your relaxation session without collapsing.

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This chair has something else that you may not have considered yet but here is it is, stability. Have you ever been in a situation where in a split second you have to determine if the chair is stable to hold you, but you had already made the move and ended up on the floor? Well, it happened to me once and it wasn’t funny at least then, but with this chair you know that you are guaranteed of stability the first look just says it.

Another reason why you need this particular chair in your living room is that it is designed in soft beige padded armchair. Well, everyone could use it but I believe it reflects the plus size fraternity due to the neutral tone and is cozy look it has around it. It just looks great.

Do you loathe the idea of hard work when trying to assemble stuff? I do hate it. At Ashley Furniture we ensure that accompanying this lounge chair is an easy instruction for easy assembly. The only thing you will need is a screwdriver. What about the worry of the chair not going through your door way easily? The chair fits through 32″ doorways or wider.

This heavy duty recliner is manufactured and delivers self-designed by Ashley Furniture Company. Ashley Furniture Company ensures proper packaging and time delivery. We are a trusted for quality and classic furniture, mattresses, rugs and even lighting accessories and since 1945.

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